Completed: a photo journal project.

Sometimes I feel moments slipping away entirely too quickly and I want to reach out and smack the snooze button. I want just a little more time with my sweet boys before they grow another inch. Recently, Graeme and I have been able to share lunch together before Jobie wakes up from his morning nap and I decided to keep a photo journal of these quiet moments with my Graeme-bear. For two weeks, I took a picture daily, and the little collage below is the result. 

1.   I think Graeme's summer sandals are the best ever. Ever.
2.   I love the color red + his blond curls combo. So handsome.
3.   He loves Trader Joes' puffs, which he calls pups.
4.   I will cry when he no longer calls them pups.
5.   He is such a cool cat in his electric blue pants.
6.   "It's tasty!" and "oh, yummy pineapple!" he said.
7.   I can still hear him giggling.
8.   Really awesome placemat = stretched out lunchtime due to much staring.
9.   I will also cry the day he no longer says "sammich".
10.  "Look at all dat cheese inside!" This boy loves him some cheesebuhrgus.
11.  Blankie is never far away.
12.  What I got after saying, "look at mama and smile".
13.  And wow, we apparently really like that shirt, ha!
14.  Burgerville, we love you. Especially your "chocate" milkshakes. The end.
15.  So grown up + looking adorable in neon-ish yellow.
16.  "I yike my boots." he said.

Speaking of photography projects, I hope to share something really exciting and unique with you on Wednesday. ( Exciting to me, anyway? ) The project is in relation to this post, which I wrote several weeks ago, which must have struck a chord with many-- or 447 people were just really, really bored and landed on that post. ha! Now that I've actually admitted in public that I'll be posting about the project, I'm a tad apprehensive about it. It's the people-pleaser in me. But I've thought about this project for months, and with my husband's cheering, I'm going to start it and be brave and share it with you, and who knows, possibly have your company along the way.

happy mondaying + see you wednesday!


  1. I love how you take something so simple as lunchtime and capture the memories. It's those everyday moments that are so special I'm learning. Beautiful collage.

  2. Danielle,
    you are right-- those everyday moments are so sweet. And I miss way too many of them :(

    thank you so much:)
    I'm rather biased, but I think so too!
    p.s. I'm totally saving my pennies to buy one of your house paintings for a loved one! They are so beautifully done.

  3. oh friend I feel that same way! My oldest starts kindergarten in the fall and I feel I want to soak up every second of this summer!

    great and adorable pics!

  4. Kindergarten! I just thought about that the other day-- whatever will I do when Graeme goes to kindergarten-- or when both boys are in school? I will miss them!


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