DIY Paper Pinwheels .

These paper pinwheels are extremely easy to make and an oh-so-pretty addition for any event. I made my first set of pinwheels for Graeme's second birthday party. ( By the way, just looking at those party pictures makes me want to start fanning myself. It was the hottest day of the summer and I was seven months pregnant, ha! ) I fell in love with the pinwheels and saved them. A few months later, I hung them above Job's crib ( you can see a peek of them in this post ) where they stayed until this last weekend, when I hung them above my mantle for a friend's housewarming shower. They are very versatile. Below you'll find the directions on how to make them.

For this project, you will need two pieces of card stock for each pinwheel you plan to make, a pair of scissors, and a stapler. ( I used 12x12 sized card stock. )

Accordian fold your paper in one inch folds, approximately. Trim the corners and then fold the paper in half. Pinch together the two ends and staple at the top. Repeat these steps for the other piece of paper, which is the other half of the pinwheel. Bring both pieces together and staple down the middle.

I'm guessing that after you make the first pinwheel, you'll want to make a dozen more. And why not? They look so pretty in a grouping. I've had several people ask where I buy my card stock and the answer is JoAnn's. Their 12x12 sheets are normally $0.69 each, but I wait until they are 4/ $1 which makes for pretty inexpensive party decorations. Happy pinwheeling to you!

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  1. love these! they are so cute and happy!

  2. SOOOO cute!! I am definitely going to have to make these for our new home. . .wherever that will be :)

  3. Haley Kim4:02 PM

    I'll try those right now. And then I'll show you.hehe~ Thank you for sharing.

  4. did you ever get the picture message I sent you after I made these a while ago?! and thanks for your comments on my post...I am still thinking through and HOPING to find some time to write a follow-up!

  5. Hello there. Just wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my very favorite parts of my day today. That and sloppy wet kiss from my wee one, and the iced coffee I am drinking right now! I just found you and can't wait to visit often. I am a northwest girl myself....we live in Walla Walla just a few hours down the Gorge in wine country. I love your photo project and will be back on 7.7 to participate. We are having the MOST gorgeous day... hope the sun has found you guys in Portland too! Smiles- Vicki

  6. thank you so much, ladies! Kelly, boo! I never got it! Was it before January? My old phone was a little finicky :(

    Valley Girl,
    thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. Sloppy, wet kisses from the littles are so sweet :) Yay for another NW blogger :) The sunshine is out in full strength today here and I hope it is your way too. My husband and I were just talking about Walla Walla the other day-- we think it would be fun to live there just so we could say it :)

  7. ps. Haley! Yes-- let me know how they turn out-- and let's get together soon-- I need to meet sweet girl!

  8. Love the pinwheels :) :)

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