eight .

Well, it happened. I set him down in one room and came back to find him in another. He started crawling three weeks ago and has decided that it is completely over-rated. I've predicted that he will walk by nine months. He is a thumb sucker. He is a champion cuddler. He is incredibly curious and brave. He is hardly ever still. Mama is his favorite, but rest assured, he loves his dada and adores Graeme. He can spot his doggy from across the room and loves to touch her. I'm pretty sure Cal-girl loves this boy. His raspy giggles light up any room. He has no teeth. I am not surprised. He makes us cackle with his antics. He loves baths with Graeme and can hardly stop splashing the entire time. He is mister social and happy is his middle name. Unless he is hungry and then you better be quicker than lightning with a bottle. We're pretty sure his cry resembles that of a mountain lion screeching. We are therefore grateful that we do not hear it too often. We are so in love with this little fire-cracker. And did I mention that I am his favorite? ( smile ) 

Happy eight months to our Jobie-boy.


  1. how could you not be in love...he is adorable!!!

    p.s. my daughter didn't crawl until 10 months and then walked 2 weeks later

    my son was crawling at 5 months and didn't walk until after a year...go figure?!

  2. Beautiful pics! Charlotte also wanted her bottle as sooooon as she was hungry. And if she saw it and didn't get it right away she panicked and had a MAJOR meltdown thinking she was going to starve. Actually, she's still that way about food- the girl eats every 2 hours ALL day long. I can't keep her full! At least she signs "eat" now rather than the whining she was doing every couple hours b/c she was hungry. Job is so cute- you take such beautiful pics too.

  3. Christina,
    I know! Isn't it crazy how they are different? My Graeme didn't walk until 14 months and never really was a fast crawler; Jobie is so stinking fast already and also loves to "walk" and pull up and stand. I swear he will walk at 9 months!

    thanks tons! Isn't it funny how they have to have their bottle NOW! :)


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