Father's Day might haves + Superman sightings .

Father's Day might have started out bright and shiny with wishes for a happy day from Graeme-bear, showering daddy with gifts, and a pancake breakfast. And then things might have went downhill faster than fast and quicker than quick! A wind-slammed door might have woken Jobie from his morning nap, not once but twice and we might have realized that we still needed several items for our church's morning picnic service at about 9:36am. Steve might have ran out the door with Graeme to make a mad dash for the store and I most certainly might have ran around the house like a wild banchi throwing a bag together for the picnic. ( We might have should've ( like that English? ) woken up earlier. ) As I was putting Jobie into Marta ( I totally might have named my Volvo Marta, fyi. ) he might have had a massive spit-up that required an outfit change upon arriving to the picnic. As I wiped him off, he might have spit-up again, which should have required an outfit change for myself, but I might have just kept going. I mean, really, if I showed up to an event without wearing spit-up, people might not recognize me. ( smile )

On the way to the picnic, I might have wrestled with my thoughts. I wanted this day to be special for my husband and it already seemed destined to be a dud. I might have felt God stopping me in my tracks in that moment. I might have realized that the most important thing should be that we love each other, show the gospel to others and our boys by talking kindly to each other, and make memories even with crazy things going on. I might have smiled as I thought about the following quote and realized that, yes, this is true and how blessed I am to see it in action: "the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother". ( Henry Ward Beecher )

We might have recovered a bit during nap-time. We might love nap-time. We might have found a container of plastic bugs and butterflies for 99c at Goodwill that made one little boy extremely happy. We might have had a little outdoor soire on our porch. ( As much as you can have a soire with two little boys, wink! ) We might have had the most beautiful sunlight as we enjoyed our dinner.

We might have spotted Superman. 
And hugged and kissed him.
And some of us might call him dada.


  1. Your pictures make me so happy!

  2. thank you, Jenny. You are so sweet. I'm so glad they brought you some happiness :)


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