Ever have those days?

One of those days. You know what I mean? I'm sitting here getting ready to tell you about this horrific day of mine and as I think it through, I know deep down, or maybe just a little ways down ( wink ), that it really wasn't a terrible, no good, awful, bad day at all. But in the moment, it really felt like it, that is for sure. My problems always seem big until I say them out loud. You too?

I am asking you to pray for my sweet Jobie. Please pray. I mentioned a few weeks back that we decided to try out a medicine for his spit-up issues. I probably can't succinctly explain what was involved in making that decision, and what is happening now, but suffice it to say, we are still filling mounds of burp cloths on certain days. Not every day, but here and there. And more here than there. 

Marta had an oil change today. While I drove back home, the song 'Better than a Hallelujah' came on and I might have raised both hands out to God because one was not quite enough. The bridge of that song just speaks to me --

We pour out our miseries
God just hears a melody
Beautiful, the mess we are
The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a Hallelujah sometimes


  1. So sorry about Job. . .that must be so frightening/discouraging at times. Praying, and thankful that our God loves your sweet boy, too!

  2. I remember how I felt when we just couldn't get Addie to stop spitting-up. I felt frustrated, hopeless ... even angry at times. I wanted so much to be done with all the throw-up on the cloths, on the carpet, on her, on me. I felt so bad for my sweet one because I knew it was not fun for her.

    And, yes, my trials can seem so big until I give them a voice. They seem to yell up till then to only become a whisper.

    You are not alone, girl. I'm going to be praying specifically for you and your sweet Job -- not only for a solution but for God's grace and presence to pour over you during these tough mama days.

  3. So sorry Job isn't feeling well..I know that is so difficult for you. I know this doesn't provide much relief right now, but a friend here was just telling me that her daughter suffered the same way - but at 9 months it just stopped completely on its own. Her doctor said that for some babies their GI just has to mature a bit more. Stand fast, sister. You're a great mama and you'll get through it together.

  4. I feel the exact same way about that song. Praying for you guys!

  5. So sorry I hear about your little guy, hoping he feels better soon. Hang in there, lady :)

  6. I'd never heard the song - but did a quick search to listen. Enjoyed it for sure. Thx.

  7. thank you all so very much for your concern and kindness! We're hangin' in there one day at a time :) I'll keep you updated.

  8. I'm a new reader via a link from your sweet sister at Knack :) I just had to share a few words re: spit up issues. Obviously, as with any unsolicited advice throw it out if it doesn't feel right for you! But I'll share this short story with love. One of my 4 daughters (now 15!) had spit up issues from birth, too. To the point that she projectile spit up (sorry!) every time she was fed. I did a lot of research and argued with our pediatrician until I found a wonderful book- Dr Sears Baby Book and read the advice about trying the least invasive ideas to help first (before barium tests/upper GI testing etc). We eliminated the foods most commonly sensitive to babies digestive systems- wheat, soy, dairy and from that day on she never ever had a drop of spit up. Simple + Easy + Life changing for both of us. No medications at all, ever. She never did grow out of the sensitivities (but two of her sisters did by the time they were 3 years old!) but she is a happy, thriving, amazingly healthy girl. Good luck with your sweet boy in this journey- best of wishes to both of you :)

  9. I have a very similar dot garland hanging from my girls' ceiling. It's made with vintage children's book pages and various pink and green paint chips. I love it! Your version is great as well!
    btw, 9 months is my FAVORITE!

  10. wow. well, obviously I commented on the wrong post. I meant this for Job's 9 month post. :)

  11. Esme-- thank you so much for caring and sharing. It is so difficult-- I am hoping we see an end to this soon. Sadly, Jobie stopped nursing several months ago-- so that is the biggest battle right there :( But we are hanging in there!

    Beth-- it's totally okay :) hehe! I knew whachya meant:)


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