The Fauxtography Project, Part Two .

When I got married, I made a little pact with myself and it went something like this: I will try to be at my 'wedding weight' by our anniversary each year. Welp, truth be told, I have missed the mark almost every single year by a few pounds, but who's counting. ( probably Steve, ha! ) Actually, the only time my husband has ever made me feel badly about my weight was when we moved into our first home here in Oregon. As he lifted me over the threshold, he very audibly groaned. Then again, I was almost eight months pregnant, so, yeah. But still. Babe. No bueno :)

Managing my weight has been a difficulty for several years. I remember when I was in the sixth grade, I went with my parents to India and Singapore to visit missionary friends. On that trip, I lost fourteen pounds. I still remember the number! When I returned from that trip, I vividly remember my classmates giggling as they passed me a packet containing my class picture, which was taken pre-missionary trip. I remember them saying that they didn't recognize me! ( The weight-loss was from water/food sickness. )

( confession: the two pictures above are i-phone! edited! pictures. )
Throughout junior high and high school, I never struggled with gaining weight, but as soon as I began college, so did my weight battle. Granted, I started college at a whopping 100 pounds and needed to gain a little weight, but I gained almost 25 pounds by the end of my freshman year. I attribute those pounds to two things: farm-fresh chocolate milk and dinner rolls. I lived on those two items. I should also mention that a salad option did not exist at the university I attended until I was a senior. And even then, it was ice-berg lettuce. That is so sad to me. On the one hand, I am extremely thankful to have had something to eat during those years, but proper nutrition was seriously lacking.

During my last year of graduate school, I started running and lost fifteen pounds and I felt like I had a new lease on life. I was able to maintain my weight until after Steve and I were married. Over the last seven years, I seem to have picked up stray pounds here and there, especially after my babies stopped nursing. I would love to lose 10-15 pounds and lose it by Christmas. 
( Just in time to gain a few back via holiday goodies, right? )

When I was pregnant with Job, I told Steve that I would LOVE a few sessions with a personal trainer. And Santa Steve delivered. ( smile ) I so appreciated that gift. And several weeks ago, Steve and I began jogging a few nights ( or at least once ) each week. The pictures you see in this post were taken at our library area. It is a beautiful place to exercise, not to mention that it is one of Graeme's favorite spots also. It comes complete with ponds and ducks and wide open spaces and a tunnel that Graeme can't help but squeal loudly in as he runs through. It is also next door to the local airport, which means that airplanes fly overhead frequently, and as you can imagine, Graeme-bear is a huge fan.

I want to be an example to my boys of appreciating the great outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to fit everything in at this stage of life! But there you have it: I want to shed a few pounds by Christmas-time. And since I don't foresee a trip to India in my near future, it appears that the ol' tried and true method of exercise will be the answer. Wish me luck and hold me accountable!

If you are joining me in The Fauxtography Project, I'd love to see your post via the link below or you can write to me at sarahkatebranine (at) gmail (dot) com. The link below will remain open until August 8, the date of the next post in the series.

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  1. OMG I can't believe you started college at 100 lbs! I swear I was NEVER that weight!! I was a very early bloomer....I've been my height since 5th grade and was super awkward & chubby all through middle school! Of course wearing florescent sweat suits every day certainly didn't help anything either....haha! I realized how much I loved exercising in high school so that really helped me along with portion control of course. But seriously- I think I was born more than 100 lbs. I was always so jealous of those girls who were so petite and tiny in middle school & high school! :) I definitely agree though- modeling health for Charlotte has been a huge motivator for Adam & I in the food choices we make and in staying active. He's now lost over 40 lbs & is on his last 10! Cheering for can totally do it, Sarah! And as always, your pics are beautiful. :)

  2. Danielle-
    thank you so very much for your encouragement! To be fair, I should tell you that I started college at 16. I think I grew two inches in college and I should have definitely gained a few, just not 25, ha! Wow! Good for you guys and Adam in his weight loss! That is incredible. Again, thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words!


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