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There's nothing like being able to reconnect with friends. In April, while we were in Boston for Nate + Katie's wedding, we were able to meet up with friends from our seminary days. It was such a treat to see Tim and Katie and their home, to walk in their community, and to hear about their love for their friends and neighbors and how God is bringing together a body of believers there. Whenever I think of Tim and Katie, I think of books. And I think about how smart these two are! They are incredibly intellectually gifted people, but so down to earth and I love that. Tim and Katie, thank you so much for the visit. We hope to return the favor on Oregon soil!

See what I mean about the books? Graeme had the best time exploring their home and Jobie was very happy in Katie's arms. Speaking of books, I'd love to hear some suggestions from you. What are some favorites of your littles? I've mentioned this before, but Graeme learns so well through reading. That being said, we are reading a few books on kindness and sharing, wink wink. Poor little Jobie, he just does not quite understand how his grabbing and spitting up over every thing can make his older brother a tad sad! 

Here are a couple of books, on the topics of sharing and kindness, that Graeme has really enjoyed. Little Blue Truck and it's sequel Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle; The Fruit of the Spirit is Jesus in Me by Dandi Daley Mackall -- okay, I LOVE this book!; My Little Golden Book of Manners by Peggy Parish; Lion Can Share by Dr. Mary Manz Simon; You are Special by Max Lucado.

I'd love to hear your book suggestions, any and all. Also, I wanted to ask for music suggestions for little ones. Lately, we've been enjoying Dana Dirksen's Questions with Answers and Songs for Saplings albums. Graeme learns these songs so easily and many of them are straight scripture. I was thrilled to hear that Sandra McCracken teamed up with the writings of Sally Lloyd Jones and released a new children's album. You can read about it here. I will be downloading it today. 

How about you? Any favorite children's albums? I'm all ears as long as it doesn't involve ( most of ) Patch the Pirate or songs like "No you can't get to heaven, no you can't get to heaven, on roller skates, on roller skates.....". ( smile )

thanks for reading and happy Tuesday to you!


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  2. We are big Seeds of Worship fans - also Scripture songs. When you order the CD you are sent 2, one to give to a friend!

  3. Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf is a clever retro one, also his entitled How To Speak Politely and Why. Same author as Ferdinand the Bull. And I'm sooo excited to hear the news of Sandra and Sally Lloyd-Jones. Sandra is one of the few artists I automatically buy everything by, so I'm super-pumped! Thanks for sharing that!=)

  4. Kelly + Annalisa--
    thank you, friends, so much for the suggestions-- headed to the library and itunes this week :) I really appreciate you sharing!

  5. We were introduced to Steve Green's Hide 'em in your Heart CD's this spring, and we really like those! I have often thought why we need to make up such silly kids' songs when we can just put Scripture to music.


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