Jesus Bless America .
Graeme recently learned the song God Bless America. This morning, I asked him to sing it for us and for some reason, he sang it as Jesus bless America and we decided to not correct him. I found this tutorial via Martha Stewart and surprised Graeme with a fourth of July rocket at the breakfast table. He called it a house, but after some explaining and recalling of a Curious George Goes to Space episode, he was convinced that, yes, it was indeed a rocket.

We caught up with our local Fourth of July parade and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and Graeme ate up the sights! Jobie watched for a few minutes, but eventually his little eyes became more and more droopy and I looked down to find a snuggled up sleeper.

I can't see tubas without thinking of my dad. I'm not exactly sure when, but at some point, my dad taught himself how to play the tuba. The tuba is basically bigger than he is, but boy can he crank out some notes on that thing!

Later on in the day, we headed over to pick cherries at a friend's house. My friend Stella is very special to me. We first met two years ago and then lost touch. Recently, we found each other again-- we reunited on Mother's Day, and to add to the specialness, I learned that God had blessed her with a baby girl. When we first met, she shared with me that for four years she and her husband desperately wanted a baby. It was so incredible to reunite with my friend and to see their answered prayers before my eyes. 

We finished out our evening with a backyard dinner and fireworks in the driveway. Steve and our neighbor Cliff took turns entertaining ( and at times scaring the dickens out of ) Graeme with different brands of fireworks. Our poor Cali ( who got lost on the Fourth of July several years ago ) cannot stand the holiday. We found her underneath Job's crib twice last night. If you are reading this, she made it through the night. And so did we. ( smile )

I hope that your Fourth of July was wonderful too. I guess I just don't understand why so many stores are open on the holiday. I got rather cranky about it yesterday, to tell you the truth. 

Anywho, I'm looking forward to sharing more on Saturday about The Fauxtography Project. I can hardly believe it's time for the second post in that series! See you then.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, as always :) :)

  2. So sweet! Thank you so much for the sweet blog comment! Hope your day is wonderful! xo Elsie

  3. sara,
    thank you!

    if I had false teeth, they would have dropped out when I saw your name on my blog. I am a huge fan of yours-- thank you so very much for giving daily inspiration and for being kind enough to stop here!


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