my pallet garden and the best sound ever .

Our backyard is such a peaceful space and we are so thankful for it. There is, however, one particularly unsightly view in our backyard and I was determined to do something about it and accomplish it in an inexpensive way. Last week, I came across Rachel's DIY Vertical Pallet Garden post on A Beautiful Mess' blog. And I was sold. 
This past weekend, we set out on our pallet-finding adventure. We quickly found some in the dumpster of Pier 1 and carefully saddled them on top of Marta. I drove all the way home at a ripe speed of about 28mph, ticking numerous other drivers off, I am sure of it. The good news is, the pallets made it home safely! Next, Graeme and I made a stop to Home Depot for flower supplies and spray paint. I should mention that my goal was to spend $20 on this project. I am happy to report that I spent only one dollar over my goal.

Next, I spray painted my flower pot holders a bright electric blue. I am so glad that I held onto these flower pot holders. They haven't really been used over the last few years, but they have always been a favorite of mine. I bought them at a flea market in Virginia. They remind me of the window planters you'd find in Europe, which, to be honest, was kind of the look I wanted for this project-- bright, vivid colors with a laid-back vintage look. 

On Sunday afternoon, I painted a few of the pallet boards with the leftover paint from my chalkboard redo. I couldn't wait to see the electric blue planters against the mustard yellow! Last night, Steve and I assembled the pallets together and rigged them to stay up built a brace for them while Graeme happily threw tens of dirt clods in his pool. Jobie was sound asleep upstairs. Truly, it was a win-win for everyone! By the way, yes, the pallets, for now, are completely rigged to stay up while we think of an aesthetically pleasing yet safe way to keep them upright. Or something like that.

( My husband might have laughed at me that I totally staged the last Instagram picture above ^ by adding the croquet mallets. But truth be told, we most certainly have enjoyed playing croquet in our backyard and look forward to more games in the future! )

I love this view from Job's bedroom window. The mud in the pool makes me smile so big. I can't wait to sit out on the porch and watch the boys play in the pool, which will have clean water soon, not to worry!

Speaking of the boys, I mentioned last week that mister Jobie was getting very close to saying mama. Well, this morning, as he crawled to me, he said it. Clear as day, he said those two golden syllables-- "mama"! Have you ever heard the old wives tale that if baby says 'dada' first you'll expect a boy next and if baby says 'mama' first you'll expect a girl? Well, we shall see. Not an announcement, just a little food for thought. ( smile ) 

I would like to add a few pint sized paint cans to our pallet garden, like those pictured in Rachel's version. I just couldn't make up my mind about the layout and decided to think about it for awhile. Over all, I am so, so, so happy with this $20 DIY project. It's so nice to look out my dining room window and see flowers and bright colors instead of our side-yard of weeds.

By the way, any of you have a homemade weed killer recipe? I'm all ears!
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  1. The colors look so vibrant together -just like doors/trim I saw in Italy. Way to get some mileage out a good old Brenda's find!

  2. wowsers! You have a great memory! Did I get them at Brenda's? I totally thought I picked them up at the flea! I thought of you today-- I found an incredible globe and yes, it definitely came home with me :)

  3. I'm a friend of Kerry's (so maybe the two of us can persuade her to come visit) and I just so happen to live in Vancouver. (I'm a replant from Ohio. My hubs is a NW boy.) I've been reading your blog since she told me about it way back when. I thought I'd finally say hi and introduce myself. I read on pinterest about a cheap and better for the environment weed killer - vinegar + water in a spray bottle. I've been using it. Works ok. I read another one that added salt + dish soap to the vinegar. I'm going to try that next.

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