Nine months and a tour .

As soon as I heard his little squeals and jabberings, I grabbed the camera and headed to his room. I pulled back his curtains and blinds to find the most beautiful morning light filling his space. I think he was rather puzzled to see the camera so early in the day, but he quickly adjusted, and proceded to give me lots of smiles. I cannot believe he is nine months old. Nine months full of sweetness. And I'm not just saying that. This little boy is a peach. I hope these pictures of our Jobie-boy bring a smile to your face today, as well as the little tour of his room.

When my boys were just tiny, I picked out 'their' song. Whatever song that seemed to come back, again and again to my mind, was the song that I chose for each baby. Graeme's is Come Thou Fount and Job's is Blessed Be Your Name. I really fought choosing this song for Job. It seemed too easy and perfect and matchy-matchy with his name. It was a song that had been near and dear to our hearts for a couple of years as God brought us through deep waters. But it was Job's song too. And certainly I praise Jesus for his blessing to us-- this blessing we call Jobie. I'd like to think that these songs are special to the boys-- I frequently sing or play them on the piano at bedtime, during the day, or when the boys are upset or unsettled. At the least, these songs have become very familiar and comforting to them.

I'm pretty sure that nobody can make Job laugh as hard as Graeme can. It is adorable to watch. If we ask him to find dada, mama, Graeme, or doggie, he looks for us until he finds us. He gives kisses. Lots of them. He lights up the world with his smile. He is starting to say mama, I'm sure of it, even if his daddy thinks I am making things up! ( I think daddy is just jealous. Really, things are even now,  because Graeme said dada before saying mama! ) Jobie especially loves to be held by mama. He is a pro at pulling up and standing, and this week, he's even ventured out to take a few, wobbly, one-handed steps from sofa to table, chair to mama, train table to toy, etc. He still has no teefers. He is mister laid back with a side of sass-- he is his mother's child, ha! Jobie, you are so precious to us. Happy nine months, sweet pea.

Job's nursery is very plain, but I love it. For the most part, the boys play in Graeme's room and downstairs, so for now, his room is basically for sleeping, hence the sparseness. I still love the round crib; it was a gift from my parents when I was expecting Graeme. The armoire was a gift from my friend, Kerry, and when Graeme was born, my dad rebuilt the insides and my sister, Barb, refinished it for me. It is such a special piece to me. 

Our home has vaulted ceilings in every upstairs room. They are beautiful. The alphabet, above Job's changing table, was a gift from another dear friend, Erin. They are Martha Stewart alphabet cards. It's difficult to tell from the pictures, but the alphabet grouping is about 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall. ( Those vaulted ceilings come in handy for such things! )

I had a couple people ask about Job's 'mobile' when I posted a picture of it on Instagram. so I thought I would tell you the process behind it. I bought a 1.5" circle punch and proceded to punch the daylights out of seven different colors of 12x12 sized cardstock. Each piece of paper yielded about 36 circles. I proceded to sew each strand of color together, giving me seven strands, each one a different color. Then, I push pinned them to the ceiling like a boss.
( smile )

I have to say, it was a very easy project and I love the result. That's always a great combination, right?
Happy weekending, friends.

ps. In case you don't believe me about the way Graeme can make Jobie cackle, here's a little evidence! I especially love Job's laugh around the 45 second mark.


  1. Oh, the preciousness! That top picture is so good, it kills me. Loved reading this and watching the video. : )

  2. he is the cutest! Love his room...nice job! I adore the round crib!

  3. "Then, I push pinned them to the ceiling like a boss."

    Oh, you make me laugh!! What sweet, sweet boys you have, my friend! Love you much!!

  4. He is so precious! I love the round crib too :) also, I love that you used the phrase "like a boss". Hilarious! If we leaves near each other,I'm sure we would be friends! ;)

  5. Aren't you glad you held out for the round crib? Did I spy the reading rack from the "She won't take any less" lady at the Flea?

  6. I love these pictures and the video! I am so glad for ye songs you have for these boys and I love hearing you play for us at night. Thanks for being an awesome mom to them. Happy 9 months to Job and to his mama!

    1. Stephen Branine10:07 AM

      This comment is from Stephen.

  7. What an absolutely lovely babyroom, and a very lovely and lucky baby to get to use it!

  8. AW! The cards look fantastic! And I'm sure Job will be the smartest 9month old bc he'll know what a Marmot and Xenops is!!! (thanks, Martha!) I do really love how you picked out songs for each boy! That will dwell in their hearts forever! And how I miss that baby guttural laughter ringing through my halls! Thanks for the "fix!" The circle mobile is so enchanting! Does it move with the slightest breeze? I think I would sit and just look at it...lost in thought! :)


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