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I am loving the free canvas of Graeme and Steve that I won from a giveaway on the Food Loves Writing blog. I also love my chalkboard. Have I mentioned that lately? /// I am still very much enjoying our little herb + succulent garden and also the fresh roses from our yard. /// Job finally moved himself to a four hour schedule. Do you hear that sound? It's me shouting 'hip, hip, hooray!' all the way from Oregon. /// Oregon, pronounced, I was taught by the locals, Ory-gun. /// 'I am not that important': I am loving the book of Galatians.

We took Jobie to our pediatrician for his spitting-up issues. Long story short, his weight had begun to dip and so we made the decision to put him on a medicine. His issues are much better but I am praying that he will walk soon 
( to take the pressure off his belly ) and not need to be on the medicine much longer. /// Thank you very much for praying for his sad little tummy.

This is my bed currently, except it's worse than it looks. I'd rather be making another egg carton caterpillar than folding laundry. Who wouldn't, right? /// Graeme and I have recently discovered that we are rather in love with, wait for it, pastrami. /// M stands for Monday, T stands for Tuesday, W stands for Wednesday, and R stands for Thursday? Why yes it does! I learned that here, thanks to Rebekkah and her beautiful ( downloadable ) desktop calendars.

Trader Joe's Angelcots ( white apricots ) are delicious. /// And so is their peanut butter + flaxseed! /// I enjoy this blogthis blog, this blog, and this blog and think you would also. /// It is shocking how quickly baby socks disappear. Utterly shocking. ///  I'm pretty sure Job has a grand total of two pairs of matching socks. /// You know you've arrived at mom status when you are the only one who eats the ends of the bread-loaf and you eat them not only to avoid wasting, but you've done the dirty job for so long that now you actually like it! 

Cranny was busy this weekend. It felt good to pull out my sewing machine again. I was reminded of how much I love to make banners. They are so fun for birthdays and other special occasions. I hope my boys enjoy theirs as I plan to use them every year at their birthday celebrations! In honor of my newly, rekindled love for banners, use code happyjuly at checkout for 15% off your banner order from Cranny. ( Code valid through 7/15/12 )

I also made a paper-dot mobile for Job's room this weekend and hope to share a tutorial with you soon. /// I blew-dry and straightened my hair yesterday for the first time in six months. That is cause for rejoicing, my friends! And, surely I had time in those six months to blow-dry and straighten my hair, it's just that brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, or watching Donald Duck was possibly more vital at times. You win some, you lose some, right? /// By the way, that does not mean that I went without brushing my teeth yesterday in order to fit in the hair treatment. ( smile ) /// I found it very difficult not to laugh out loud in church when my husband shared that the auto-correct changed his sermon notes from "this kind of fasting" to "this kind of farting".

happy monday!
ps. any special craft projects/treats that you make with/for your little ones for July 4th? I'd love some ideas!
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  1. Oh, Sarah, I have to tell you...I identify with this post in a new way now that we have a little man in the house...esp. the hair and other things being more vital - like cuddles:)

  2. Praying for little Job...poor thing. And I love the caterpillar! :)

  3. so happy to hear about the 4 hr schedule - hope the tummy issues continue to abate! I have totally given up on straightening my hair ever again. :) I bought a 3 packs of flags at the dollar spot at Target for my kiddos....I'm sure that doesn't count as a craft. :)

  4. good job on making that caterpillar! Monika.


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