Things I should probably and probably not tell you .

I should probably tell you that I fell in love with watercolor this week. I should probably tell you that Graeme has also fallen in love with the perks of this new love of mine; he is really enjoying mama drawing dragonflies and tractors and ladybugs on his face. I should also probably tell you that previously mentioned objects look more like big blobs on his sweet face than tractors and bugs. 

I should probably tell you that I repainted my giant chalkboard and I am so in love with the color, Yarrow, by Behr. I probably shouldn't tell you that this is the third time I have painted my chalkboard in less than three years. However, I do believe it will stay this color for a very long time! 

I should probably tell you again how much I love that color. I should probably not tell you that I am still finishing up this painting project, you just can't see it in this ^ picture.

I should probably tell you that I am adding a few of these watercolor paintings to Cranny today. In the last couple of months, God has opened my eyes in a new way to the beauty of his written word and to the importance of knowing those words in my heart. I wanted a simple, pretty way of seeing those words before me each day. I wanted to dress up the proverbial verse-post-it-on-the-mirror, I guess. These watercolor + calligraphy prints are the result. I should tell you that I realize I am not God's gift of a watercolor painter to the world and that is reflected in the price of these little paintings. But I should also tell you that I want these prints to be very affordable and accessible because of the importance of what is written on them.

On a completely different subject, I should probably tell you that Graeme told a complete stranger in Costco this week about how he dropped his toy spider in the "potty water in the toilet". She was very amused. I should probably tell you that it's difficult to come up with a proper comeback after that. Somehow, hearing the words 'have a very nice day' come out my mouth did not seem quite adequate after such a statement. I should probably tell you that I love that sweet boy a whole ton and a half.

I should probably thank you for reading and I should probably definitely tell you happy weekending!


  1. Your paintings are sweet as pie...I love the idea of making your eye catch, pause, to read a bit of God's word by creating beauty around it. What a lovely idea.

  2. I just love these so much. AND I am so excited to have spotted my print in one of these shots. Yay!!! : )

  3. These are absolutely amazing! So beautiful!

  4. I love watercolour as well! :) I just found out your blog but I'm loving it! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  5. Ladies,
    thank you all so very much for your sweet words!
    Shanna! That was actually an oops one! woopsies!


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