A list for this beautiful Monday.

1.   Check back here next Monday for a Cranny giveaway!
2.   I am amazed by the number of girls that skateboard around here.
3.   ( I'm talking 'beautiful hair and pretty clothes-wearing' girls.
     Not tom-boys! )
4.   One month from today I will be with my husband at the Desiring God 
     conference and I probably cannot tell you how excited I am about that!
5.   We're having Mexican Corn Chowder soup tonight and that makes me happy.
6.   I will be heartbroken if summer weather returns.
7.   I wasn't planning on throwing a big party this year because I was
     convinced that Graeme was still naive towards the knowledge of
     birthday parties. Wrong. He announced Sunday morning at breakfast that
     "my birthday is September 11th. We'll have a birthday party!"
8.   We are still on the hunt for a new Marta. Seat warmers are not
9.   Yes, Marta spoiled me for life.
10.  Fine. I'll admit it: the month of August makes me listen to Christmas
     music and it always begins with this album.
11.  And guess what? The Savior album is currently on sale for 5. Get it.
     No regrets will be had.
12.  Current favorites on Etsy: this, this, this, and this.
13.  I am thankful that the Fall season enlarges my outfit options by about
     three hundred percent.
14.  I added "I believe in being nice." to Cranny's calligraphy collection
     because, seriously, some people need to hear it. Bless their heart.
15.  Wait, was that ^ nice? :)


  1. Tim and I so wanted to go to the DGM conference and now I am so sad we're not!! Love that you two are going. Also love that Graeme is ready for a birthday party, haha!

  2. I loved all your etsy picks. When I saw the camera strap it reminded me that I wanted to ask you what kind of camera you use? I'm thinking of saving up for a nicer one....not sure which one will be best for us.

  3. Shanna, I was just thinking about that possibility the other day and hoping that you two might be there. Rats! Yes-- Graeme is so excited. My parents will be here and he is so excited. We'll just be doing a little family party-- but sometimes those turn out to be so special and even better than the huge birthday party :) I hope!

    Sara--yes! Ours is the Nikon D5000 and I love it-- but I know there are several great options out there, including Canon. I'm just so used to my Nikon, but I love some of the Canon options too. Excited for you!

  4. Thanks so much! I love the quality of the pictures you take. My research for cameras so far has been to go to all my favorite blogs with great pictures and find out what camera they use. Some have the over $1000 price tag that I am not ready for....so I looked up your Nikon and the reviews look great. Hopefully we will make that purchase soon :)

  5. Sara-- I think that is an excellent way to research. I'm honored to be on your list :) I've been given the same advice when desiring to get better at taking pictures-- and have found numerous tips that way! I was going to tell you too, the lens that I use by far ( as in, it hasn't come off of my camera but three times in almost a year! ) is the 35mm lens. It is $200-- and worth every penny. I would almost suggest just buying the body of the D5000 and that one lens to begin with, except, it usually is a better deal to buy the camera package and add the additional lens later. But who knows? I'm so excited for you!

  6. I love this list. :) so sad we can't meet up with you in Mpls. {one of these years!}

  7. So, I was wondering if Job would be coming along with you to MN but I see from the previous comments that he won't. (????) Anyway, he doesn't know me from Adam, er Eve, but I'd love to love on him for you if you need me to keep him during the conference. We must talk soon!

  8. Beth-- yes! I plan to text you this weekend and give you some details. Long story short, Job + Graeme won't be with us; I am so looking forward to meeting you in person!


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