Hood River : the last of our staycation .

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(Thank you VTech for sponsoring this post.) This is the last staycation post, I promise! But it's a good one because, well, it almost didn't happen! A few Fridays ago, we hopped in the car for what we thought would be a visit to Multnomah Falls.But instead, we ended up in Hood River. And we were so glad. It was a spontaneous trip from the get go. I was in the driver's seat at the start of the trip and noticed that we were low on fuel, but I wasn't too worried about it. ( Steve just read that last sentence over my shoulder and said, What? You weren't worried? Who are you kidding? But it's true. I wasn't worried. Yet. )

However, as we neared Multnomah Falls, our gas light came on and a little bit of panic raced through my mind. I panicked because I knew there wasn't a gas station within the next couple of miles. I panicked, too, because we were driving the rental car and I had no idea what it meant when the gas light came on. Did I have five miles left? Ten? Twenty? Steve asked Siri for the closest gas station and when I heard her response, I about wet my pants. Thirteen miles. Let me just say, those were the worst thirteen miles I have experienced in a long time!

We did indeed make it to the gas station and as we pulled out we realized that we were now only a few miles from Hood River, a little town we'd been wanting to visit. We decided that we were way too close to say no and so off we went.

As we walked through the downtown, we caught glimpses of golden hills through the side streets, and I couldn't believe how much Hood River reminded me of California. To many people the golden hills would simply be brown and water deprived, but to a California native, they truly are beautiful. Of course, for little boys, if we are talking on the subject of beautiful, the sights of trains, toy stores, fountains, and ice-cream cones pretty much take the cake. ( smile )

( Can you see us? ^ ) I cannot believe that the end of summer is on our heels. As I looked at the pictures in this post I kind of got a little sentimental about all of the great places we went during our staycation. Good thing Autumn is right around the corner, full of waiting adventures. And all things pumpkin: the pumpkin patch, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice scones and ginger cookies! Oh! And birthdays of two little boys that I know! I'll soon be asking for favorite gifts for three year old boys. THREE. I'm in denial that Graeme-bear will be THREE.

happy weekending!
ps. a little Volvo update: So, as you know,  we've been looking for a new Volvo. Rather intensely, I might add. In the middle of the night last night, Steve sat straight up in bed. I sat straight up in bed. I asked him if he was okay. 'Yes, just checking to make sure the third row has a seat belt'. I couldn't help but laugh out loud and then tell him to go back to sleep. We need to find a new Volvo soon, ha!


  1. I have loved looking through all your "staycation" photos. Just beautiful.

    Looking forward to fall too. I can't wait to start filling the house with pumpkin everything!

  2. I adore these images! They are so beautiful!! What a wonderful "staycation"! :)

  3. I love Hood River...my family homesteaded just across the river on the Washington side in Stevenson Wa. My uncle still lives on the family farm. It is so beautiful right in that area. It is always my favorite pit stop when we drive from Walla Walla to Portland.

  4. Rachel-- Oh my-- I too cannot wait for the pumpkin season! This week, I could feel Fallish air outside and it just about made me giddy. Seriously! :)

    plumtreestudio-- yes! It was so wonderful. Well, except for losing Marta :( but yes-- I was super sad when our week was up!

    Valley Girl-- thanks so much for dropping by. Wow! I am so jealous-- what a beautiful ( literally! ) family history. I always love to hear stories about families living in the same area for years and years--there's just something so incredible about that. My dad's side of the family has deep roots in Delaware-- I love visiting there and seeing where he grew up and the farm he worked on as a boy, the church where he met my mom, etc. etc. But I digress-- and hey-- the next time you are in Portland, we should meet for a cupcake or chai or coffee or something :)


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