Never disappointed .

Last weekend, we decided to beat the heat and head for the coast. We packed our trunk full of shovels and buckets, towels and sunscreen lotion, peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies, and last but not least, our kite. When we arrived at the coast, we were greeted with cloudy skies and a ripe temperature of 56 degrees. Apparently, we had escaped the heat a little too well! We had packed a sweatshirt for Graeme and Jobie had travelled in his sleeper, so both of them were snug as bugs, but Steve and I were wishing that a couple of adult sized sweatshirts had made it into our madly packed trunk. We did not like the idea of forking over $75 for sweatshirts at the little tourist shops so we decided to bite the bullet and face the cold.

 And then, the funniest thing happened. We reached the top of the street, crossed over to face the water, and within minutes the sun came out and suddenly it was the most perfect day. Along with the sun, we were also greeted by rows and rows of volleyball nets, as far as the eye could see. We had no idea that a volleyball tournament was taking place that day, but it was fun to be spectators for a few minutes. Truth be told, I was frantically watching for stray volleyballs because I was carrying a sleeping Jobie in the Ergo.

After spending some time at Seaside, we headed back home, taking one more stop off at Cannon Beach. Haystack Rock is always beautiful, but extra beautiful at this time of year in my opinion. The warm sunshine gleaming off of the water, Graeme running across the sand with Steve chasing after him, Jobie sound asleep in the Ergo-- these kinds of memories, even though we've made them countless times here, never grow boring to me. The coast has a way of being refreshing and new on every encounter. It welcomes us with fresh air and the most beautiful palette of colors and sends us home sun-kissed and full of hopes and plans for next time. Okay, let's tell the truth here, we're usually leaving full of Tillamook ice-cream too, ha!

Here's the real point of this post: the coast never disappoints us and neither does the Creator of it. This week, God answered a prayer of ours so clearly and it was all I could do to stop in my kitchen and thank God out loud for the answer He had given. I think about the amazingness of this relationship we call prayer and how we arrive unprepared and cold and tired and weary and we leave full and refreshed, knowing we've been in the presence of Power and Beauty.


  1. Amen. Beautifully said---and photographed! I'm always so excited for a new one of your posts. Thanks for adding a bit more beauty into my days.

  2. PS - Can I just ask, how do you do those flower-type images like on your top photo and in the sidebar for "about my etsy shop"?

  3. Sounds like a lovely and so refreshing trip!!! How wonderful!!

  4. hi friend! Believe it or not, the flower images are just little 'stickers' from Picmonkey that can be put on the picture in a number of different styles. Who woulda thought! :) Thank you so much for your encouragement to me. By the way, Steve just commented yesterday, "Shanna and her husband should come visit." I agree!

  5. Officially addicted to Picmonkey now! I love how user-friendly it is!

    And by the way, we would LOVE to go to Oregon together.... so if the Lord ever gives us the opportunity, we are so there : )

  6. I appreciated the comments at the end about how God doesn't every change or disappoint either. I could use some encouragement today - the school prep is stressing me out and making me worry - but God is faithful. Glad He answered your prayer in such a real way.

  7. Shanna-- I know! Right? Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

    Katie-- praying for you as I write this. I think of you often and always pray for God's blessing for you and Tim-- my faith was encouraged to see you loving the people of Boston and your neighborhood specifically!


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