PicMonkey: an unexpected love story .

Love stories are really beautiful. And each one is different. You hear about the 'love at first sight' stories, like my very own. It was the summer of 2004, on a warm July afternoon. It was a Wednesday. I unexpectedly found myself at a camp in northern California, watching a good-looking, well-dressed guy walking into the dining hall to meet up with his ( no doubt ) smelly junior high campers. And I thought, I'm going to marry that guy. I even wrote it in my day-planner. Does anybody even use a day-planner any more? No? I didn't think so. ( smile ) Well, long story short, that handsome and very shy guy finally talked to me and eleven months later, we were married. ( So, the wedding picture below-- it is over seven years old-- and I just realized that my eyes are closed. True story. )

Now, PicMonkey on the other hand, is a different story. You see, I kind of viewed it as not attractive and, well, not for me. But I decided to overlook a few things and give it a try. You know what? I'm so glad I did. I realize that Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements would be wonderful. I've toyed with both and like what I see, but my wallet, darn it, has other commitments right now. And so, I'm doing what I can with what I have where I am-- Theodore Roosevelt, you would be so proud! And so, while some love stories are short and sweet, others take time to grow, like this one. And here are my favorite things that I've grown to love and appreciate about the free online picture editing software we all know as PicMonkey.

Favorite options? I love using the round labels from the Overlay menu ( top photo ). I love that I can make a circle photo by simply cropping my original image into a square and then maxing out the rounded corners option. I love that I can make collages, like the one above! I especially appreciate the collage option when I am working on a 'reserved listing' picture for my Etsy shop. Being able to combine text and photos make the listings a breeze.

Speaking of rounded corners, you'll find that option under the Frames menu. You can choose to make the corner radius large or small.

Every now and again, I really enjoy the product of the 'tranquil' filter.
( The 'dusk' filter is pretty legitimate as well. ) Hands down, the feature that I use the most on PicMonkey is the 'curves' option on the Effects Menu. I love to lighten pictures just a tad so that they have that airy, gentle look to them.

I always enjoy discovering new tricks and tips and hope that this little tutorial gives you a few new ideas. Thanks so much for reading here. And, a little warning-- I am going to be talking about hair conditioner in the next post. Don't judge-- it was a good gig, ha!

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  1. Gotta jump in and say I still use a day planner! Every year I excitedly order my planner and excitedly fill it in with nearly everything I do. I alternate between the MFA Impressionists and the National Gallery of Art. I've veered off a few times, and one year got Nancy Drew; each week an original cover was featured. I love that they are thin, they always fit in my bags and most purses that I carry around. And the biggest bonus, besides the extreme organizational ocd that it brings, is that I see a different piece of art each week.
    - Sorry my comment is practically a blog post. . . Ha! But I totally understand jotting down such ideas in my old school planner.

  2. Every since you told me how to use those stickers, I have been OBSESSED with PicMonkey. I have GIMP installed on my computer and have been using it for months, but PicMonkey is so fast and so user-friendly, I love it. This tutorial is awesome -- thanks for posting it!

  3. Katie-- you know, I just realized that I made it sound like I don't use one anymore either-- but I do! I am just like you-- I get so excited to pick my planner out each year. I usually get sort of the same-- leather bound, gold-leaf pages, but this year I branched out and got an Alice in Wonderland themed planner. Yep-- I'll probably go back to my leather bound planner next year, ha! Do you keep yours? I have a collection of them-- and they can be so helpful for referencing sometimes! I have noticed that I use mine less now that I have the boys-- but I still love to have one sitting on my countertop! :)

  4. Shanna-- yay! You are so welcome! I really want to find out how people are doing the collages where the pictures are basically two triangles-- do you know what I mean? I clicked on one and it took me to the photobucket site, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to do the collage :( Always something to learn. . . :)

  5. Count me in the day planner crowd. I like YWAM's Prayer Journal because it helps you pray through specific global needs & gives plenty of room for daily & monthly goals. There's no substitute for scratching through a to-do list.

    I save mine, too. They're like the memorial stones of the Old Testament. =)

  6. Okay -- I want picmonkey lessons next week -- please!

  7. Kerry-- I agree-- I've used mine for that purpose too :)

    Mom-- absolutely :)

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