The day we lost Marta .

Do you ever get that feeling that something seems a little too good to be true? I find it rather funny that on the same day we lost Marta, Steve and I had a conversation about how much we loved our Volvo, which was not that unusual, because we talked of her frequently. But still. Marta was our 1998 Volvo wagon that we just bought this past January. Yes, we bought a vehicle that was made my sophomore year of college. I'll let you do the math, wink! She was old, but you guys, she was the best. With her leather seats, seat warmers, sun roof, and third row seating, she was a dream come true to me. Honestly, she could have had none of that and I would have still loved her. She gave the boys and me freedom.

Was she really that great? Yes. And mere hours later, as we were driving home from a day trip to McMinnville, we screeched to a halt behind, oddly enough, another Volvo wagon. The driver behind us didn't get the 'yes! we are stopping!' memo. I still vividly remember that awful sound.  And then Job's immediate blood-curdling scream. The panic. More panic when I couldn't open Graeme's door right away. The driver behind us running up with his head in his hands. Grabbing his arm and telling him it was okay. The boys are fine, I said. Everything will be alright.

And then she was gone. She took the impact like a pro, that is for sure. The police officers were so impressed. ( We were too, Marta! ) The Volvo in front of us had stopped abruptly to let a bicyclist across ( there was no marked cross walk and it was rush hour on a busy road-- not a good combination. ) Long story short, the driver behind us was reading his directions and when he looked up, he could not avoid colliding into us. I felt so bad for him. He was young and it was his first accident. He was driving a twelve-passenger Ford van.

Steve was at the wheel and I was instagramming an old picture of Jobie at the moment of impact. My iPhone flipped up and hit me square in the mouth, giving me a nice fat lip and a few sore teeth. I felt like such a nerd. At one point, during the craziness of filling out paperwork, talking to everyone and the police officers, Steve turns to me and says, 'Oh, babe! Your lip-- you look bad'. He cannot tell a lie. ( smile ) I am so thankful for God's protection. We will get a new Marta and I will be so excited to tell you about it.

On the day we lost Marta, we spent the morning in McMinnville, which is the location of Steve's FedEx route. It is such a neat little town. It boasts a gigantic air and space museum, complete with a waterpark that has a 757 parked on top. The 757 actually has the water slide tubes built into it. Isn't that neat? Of course, we also had to make a stop at The Red Fox bakery, home to LuLu's macaroons-- we ate lunch there, but really, who are we kidding-- the macaroons were the reason we stopped! It was a very warm day, so it only seemed right to sneak over to Serendipity for an ice-cream for Graeme. Cotton Candy was the flavor of choice. Um, as. you. can. see. 

Thanks for letting me share a little bit more from our staycation. Losing Marta was sad, but everything is a little bit better with a LuLu's macaroon in your hand! Or, something like that :)


  1. Thanks for the great pictures! Praying for a new Marta!

  2. Even though this post talks about the loss of your 1998 Volvo, I have to say it has made me want one for our next car. : ) Lovely photos and thoughts, as always.

  3. Stephen Branine5:57 PM

    I love you, and I love reading what you write.


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