The Tram .

Little boys are so easily pleased. This weekend is the air show. Yesterday, I slipped and announced to Graeme something about going to see the airplanes and every time I neared the door, he thought we were going to the show. When you are small, the concept of later is so difficult to understand. Today, he's been better about it. And most likely, the difficulty has been eased because we've witnessed tens and tens of jets and unique planes practicing directly out our bedroom windows! Typically, I would not be thrilled to live close to an airport. Funny how things change when you have little boys. I told Steve the other day, is it weird that I hope to see flashing red lights when approaching train tracks? 
Last week, during our staycation, we decided to take the boys on Portland's aerial tram. They loved it. At the top of the hill sits one of our hospitals, OHSU, which paid $40 million towards the $57 million tram project. The result? One fantastically expensive view of the city. ( Although, our price was a mere $8 to experience it all. ) I cannot wait to return in the Fall and see God's colorful handiwork. I should mention that the tram transports many, many people to and from work. It's purposes are many, not just for entertainment. Form and function, right there. Can you guess who designed this sleek beauty?

The tram was designed by a Swiss company, obviously. ( smile ) Those Swedes, they are amazing. You know, the same people behind so many other incredible inventions. IKEA, the NoseFrida, Volvo, and Lotta for starters. Did you hear about our Marta? Crashed. Totaled. Gone. But my family is safe and so everything is fine. We will get a new Marta. We miss her.

Goodbye, Portland tram. We will see you in a few weeks! Hello August and hello to everything that will soon be arriving in the name of Autumn. Thank you, God, for the beautiful seasons of life that you have given to us.

happy weekending!
ps. since writing this, I got a text message saying I should edit my posts, lest I start receiving geography lessons from readers. I do apologize for the Swiss/Swede mix-up. I'll just put it this way: you Swiss and Swedes are all amazing! For now, I will hope for a geography lesson that is accompanied by an airline ticket to the area :)


  1. Sarah, Your pictures! They take my breath away. (And, make me want to live in Oregon)

    PS - I didn't even notice the Swiss/Swede thing. : )

  2. Gorgeous pictures, Sarah!

  3. 1. Love how you captured Graeme's intense interest in his "see-it-better-squat".
    2. Luke does the NoseFreida on Levi for us because "It's gross-cool!"
    3. I was nearly talked into buying an Easter egg necklace like yours from Heidi last night. I'm just not hip enough to pull it off. ;)

  4. what beautiful fun! I hear ya on the trains & planes. Even birds flying overhead on a walk is cause for rejoicing. hehe. I did head about Marta and so, so sorry and so, so glad you all are a-ok!

  5. Shanna-- yes! please come live in Oregon. Please come live in my home and teach me how to be an amazing cook :) Thank you for not noticing, wink wink!

    Mom, thank you :)

    Kerry, Luke is mister awesome! You TOTALLY can pull it off. I should have worn mine for Easter this year-- it matched my outfit perfectly-- there's always next year :)

    Kelly, I know! Me too-- so thankful that we are okay-- I look forward to finding a new Marta!


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