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A little over a year ago, I changed the name of this here blog. I wanted my name to reflect more of the content found here on my little slice of the interwebs. And although I have very good intentions of posting more frequently about my little Etsy shop, Cranny, the reason for it, and it's daily and weekly going-ons, sometimes those good intentions just get lost. Every once in a while, though, I come across something that is really worth sharing, in my opinion. Which, can sound a bit arrogant since I am the creator of these creations! But stick with me.

A little over seven years ago, I said 'I do' to a most wonderful man. Every day I glimpse more and more of his love, his gracious spirit, his amazing sense of humor, and his incredible pancakes. Wait, did I really just include that in a list of his attributes. Yes I did. Anywho, long story short, each day, I am reminded, in a very tangible way, of my 'I dos' -- or is it my 'I doos' -- how 'bout my 'I dues' --whatevs-- I know you know what I mean, ha! There's this beautiful calligraphy that sits beside our bed. A friend from my college days gifted it to us on our wedding day. It is one of my most treasured possessions. Truly.

Very recently, a friend of ours from seminary days contacted me and asked if I would replicate the wedding vows calligraphy for her as a gift to her husband on their first anniversary. I was so nervous! My calligraphy is nowhere nearly as beautiful as that of my college friend. But I said yes and went on the hunt for the perfect calligraphy pen and paper. A few weeks and a lot of eraser marks later, it was complete.

This morning, I received the sweetest note from my friend and client and I knew, immediately, that I had to share this latest addition to Cranny. I'm sharing it not because I believe so greatly in the power of my calligraphy pen, ( Sarah, don't look too closely at those vows, wink wink! ) but because I believe in frequent reminders of past promises.

I'll be loading a few 'wedding vows calligraphy' listings into the shop soon. The vows measure 14" x 17" and are $65ea. However, contact me if you are interested in receiving a special Cranny + B friend discount!


  1. I love this, Sarah! Such a sweet idea to share one of your treasured possessions!

  2. so sweet! dang girl! your shop is sooooooooooo great!!

  3. Ladies, thank you for your thoughts! Bethany, I wish my calligraphy was half as nice as my college friend's -- but I hope people will treasure the calligraphy vows! :)

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