Graeme's birthday + a request for gift suggestions

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Graeme's third birthday is next Tuesday and I am so excited for him. I know I am his mama and possibly slightly biased, but you guys, he is such a sweet little boy and I can't wait to spoil him an extra bit for his special day. This year, we're planning a small celebration with just family. PopPop and Granna arrive on Friday and Graeme is thrilled about his special birthday guests-- he is positive that they are bringing the gift of a bulldozer, ha!
( They are, thanks to Target, and he will be thrilled! )

I have a few gifts in mind for Graeme for his special day, but I'd love to hear any suggestions you all have for three year old boys. Do any of you have a workbench that your little guy especially loves? My husband really wants to get one for Graeme. Any brand suggestions? Here is the gift list for our sweet boy's third birthday. The top two items are ideas that I have seen that I would like to try and make for Graeme. Wish me luck, ha! How cute is the bear mask? Perfect for our Graeme-bear.

( teepee, as seen on BrooklynBrownstone // bear mask, as seen in Sweet Paul magazine, October issue, from the Esty store, BHBKidstyle )

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have!


  1. What an inspiration you are to all of us! Congrats on the bracelets and Thank you for giving a little and making the world a better place :)
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  2. My MIL gave Jordan an adorable wooden workbench. Both he and Ethan love it and have been entertained for hours by it.

  3. Amy-- thanks so much! I will do some checking on that one :)

  4. We got Hayden a Leapster Leap Pad for his 3rd birthday, it's a bit of a pricey gift at $100 but we got it from us and my grandparents who send $50 for his birthday so it was a little more affordable that way :) Anyway, he LOVES it and I like it because he learns while playing it. It has really helped him with learning to write letters, letter sounds, drawing skills, etc... It's great for trips to the grocery store or doctors office when they need something to keep them occupied. I will say the games and apps are not cheap (most of them are around $20) but it does come with a few things pre-loaded and I have found a few codes for free apps.

  5. We have a great little Craftsman wooden workbench that G loves - but it was a nifty $10 Cragislist find! Graham loves big plastic dinosaurs - we don't have any ourselves, but they are at a couple area museums. Other than that, cars & trucks are still top-loved toys around here. :)

  6. Ok, girl. With the handyman skills in the genes of your family, I say "built it yourselves!" :) John did this for the boys 2 Christmases ago and filled it with real "mini" tools and pieces of wood and it was a HIT! Plus, he'll grow with it! With the recent addition of wood glue the boys' have worked on creations for hours! Just a thought. And maybe not for this year...but there's my 2 cents. :) (ok. and I realize there is a time constraint now.)


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