Just laying low .

We're back but we aren't whole. We had a wonderful time at the coast with PopPop and Granna, but sadly, we returned home with two little boys who were under the weather. I have a feeling that I will be missing in action for a few more days. And so, I'll wish you a wonderful weekend and leave you with a picture of my brand new three year old. Isn't he precious with his curls and bag of jelly beans? Well, jeye beans, if you ask Graemie-bear. ( smile ) By the way, if you too have a feverish eleven month old on your hands, damp socks on their feet will draw the fever right out of them. So thankful for simple remedies today. 

I feel so behind with life at the moment. Life stops still when little ones aren't feeling well. I am so thankful for the months and months of good health we have had. Sickness makes you thankful for the good days, that is for sure! Oh, by the way, don't you love that Graeme is sitting smack next to the please keep off sign? Somehow I missed that in the moment! Have a really wonderful weekend!


  1. "Sickness makes you thankful for the good days." That is so true, Sarah. Hope you're all feeling better soon, and that God's grace comforts and encourages you in the now!

  2. Sorry you're boys are a bit down. Sometimes, though, those are my favorite days. Extra cuddles and time seems to stand still a bit. A great "remedy" that I've adopted from my friend (this was given to her when she was in Russia with a raging fever for days)-fresh raspberries+cream(or half and half)+honey. Smash and mix. Eat. It's not a sure thing, but it is something my Caid has always been able to keep down even with a raging fever and I am starting to believe it helps.

    I like the socks trick! :)

  3. Lady I have just found you STUNNING blog (via che and fidel, my real life neighbour). What a beautiful place you have created.

    YOu and I have some things in common- created by a creative Creator, lover of beauty, mother to young ones and married to legends!

    I'm loving your blog design, did you do it yourself?

    I hope you and your family feel better asap, the flu fog is aweful but gee it's wonderful when it passes

    xo em

  4. Ladies,

    thank you so much for your encouragement here. The boys are almost back to 100% and I am so grateful!


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