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I anxiously watched the forecast all week long. The inner geek-wanna-be-photographer mama in me started wishing the rainy forecast far, far away. Thursday was our one day of partial sun. Well, sun here and there, and we took advantage of it. We picked up a bouquet of balloons and headed to the park for some early birthday pictures. I wished myself luck and picked up a grande chai on my way. I would need it.

I packed tractors and play dough for Graeme, a rug, a basket, and a party hat for Jobie. Things started off slightly laughable when I placed Job on the rug in the beautiful moss and leaf covered ground, stepped back to take my shot, and found him crawling away. In the mud. Through dog poop.

A wise person once said that it gets worse before it gets better. True story! I moved our dog pooped birthday photography operation several feet away and started snapping a few more pictures. My poor Graeme-bear was quite bored by this point and Job, well, he was past his prime, fading fast into a nap. I loaded the birthday boy into the car and let Graeme play around for a few minutes. And that's when our balloon contribution to outer space occurred. I stared blankly as my $13 worth of balloons floated gently in the breeze. Over my reach. 'Mama, I'm sorry that we lost Job's birthday balloons'. You guys, I have the sweetest boys. True story.

About that getting better part. You know, it's funny. I tried desperately that day to capture some sort of fantastic picture of my little one. A picture that would forever remind me of his sweet and silly self in his first year. And you know what? My favorite pictures weren't from that day. They were from this day. This day that you are witnessing in this post, his actual birthday, spent at home with the people that love him most.

With his special birthday bib-- the one his daddy wore on his first birthday. With a simple homemade cake and decorations, no balloons, and lots and lots of love.  With his dada and mama, and let's not forget which of those words he said first, wink! With his incredibly wonderful older brother who entertained us all by trying on Jobie's birthday hat while standing on top of the toilet. Apparently someone is watching when mama checks her outfit the same way.

Yes, these are my favorite. And for so many reasons.  Happy first birthday to our Jobie Hudson! And happy monday to all of you, wherever this day finds you. Oh, and here is a short video of the birthday song!


  1. I love that he's wearing the bib Stever wore for his birthday. That is SO sweet!!

  2. gorgeous pictures!! Love them all.....and so glad Job had a great birthday!


  3. aw, so sweet! I can otally emphathize with watching $13 float away. boo. :( I love that J has his 2 outer teeth first! happy One little Jobie!

  4. oh, I love all of these, but my favorite favorite is Graeme standing on top of the toilet. Haha! Your boys are so so precious, and that video is and will be such a treasure. Happy birthday, Jobie!

  5. Oh joy! Blessings to your little your family and many, many, many, MANY more happy birthdays to come!


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