A 2013 Cranny Calendar .

'Do small things with great love.' I chose this little quote by Mother Teresa for my 2013 Cranny calendar. It's simple, profound, and devastatingly wonderful. I know that last part sounds odd, so let me explain. A few days ago, I experienced something that I will likely never be able to forget. I made my little boy sad. And, he told me so. We were working on an art project. He was wiggly and impatient. Paint went everywhere, except for where it should have gone, and my patience had run dry. 
His hand prints, that were supposed to be antlers, looked like, well, not antlers, and I didn't like it. But Graeme? He was thrilled! "Mommy, I did a great job on my project!" he said, as he danced around, making more paint-laced footprints on my kitchen floor. "No. This was not a good job." I said, as I led him into the half bathroom to wash up. "You kept moving your hands when I said to keep them still and you kept touching the walls and getting paint on them and...." I stopped as he let out a little cry and said, "mommy, I'm sad". And in that moment, it was as if God reached down into my half bathroom, the one with black and brown paint splotches all over the sink, and broke my heart in two.

I apologized, asked forgiveness, and explained to Graeme that, when I said those words, I was caring more about a clean floor than I was about being kind and loving. I hugged him and he went off to play with his cars. But me? I stood there trying to pick up the pieces. I sat down on the couch to think, pray, and read, and ended up at Ephesians 5, all the while watching Graeme out of the corner of my eye. Was he okay? Would he forget?

"Walk in love." The words poured over my devastated heart like water on a desert floor. I journaled: "What does that really mean? Jesus, I need you to break into my heart and show me how to love. I don't know how to love. I don't love my children and my husband with your love. This morning, my heart was crushed as I realized the damage done to my little Graeme-bear's heart over an art project. I'm disgusted at my lack of love towards him. And, really, who am I kidding? This lack of love towards my 'loved ones' stems from an original lack of love towards Christ. In him is love. In Christ. Oh to be found in Christ. To be found and known in the love of Christ Jesus. 'Do small things with great love.' Jesus, thank you for forgiveness. Help me to be found and known in the love of Jesus."

And then, I knew. I knew exactly what quote I wanted on that calendar. I wanted it not just because I liked it, but because every time I see it hanging in my home, I will be reminded of my great need for The Love, the one who makes every small and great act of love possible.

p.s. Thank you for letting me share a few Thanksgiving snippets too. 
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  1. Tim and I listened to this Tim Keller message or month ago or so where he talked about the defining mark of Believers. It was seeing your own sin and need for Jesus. When I read this post, that is what I saw -- Graeme will, too. Love to your family this holiday! And PS - just bought a calendar! Yay!

  2. Oh dear heart. To be humbled by our children...nothing like it in the world. So hard, so very, very hard. My beautiful grandmother used to say, "error on the side of love." I think about it, about her all the time. And my children extend me grace every time I stumble and come to them asking forgiveness, just because I'm their momma. I was thinking driving in the car the other day the goodness of grace that is renewed to us every, single, day by the All Mighty One...everyday. The ALL MIGHTY ONE...not just my little kids...the KING OF KINGS. Seriously. How does the brain wrap around that?

    - The calendar is lovely, lovely as can be! Great work!

  3. Sarah, Thank you so much for your humble transparency in this post and the reminder of God's great forgiveness towards us that needs to reflect in our life and attitudes, especially as we raise our little ones. I am continually convicted and amazed how the Gospel translates into every aspect of our lives. Thank you for that powerful reminder today...I needed it. Beautiful calendar by the way!

  4. What a wonderful distillation of what the Lord has been working in my heart lately... often also with my little boy:) Thank you!

  5. hi gals, I just wanted to say thank you so much for chiming in on this post. It can be so difficult to admit struggles and deep hurts, both received and committed-- thank you for your encouragement and your love in Christ!


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