Tree Hunt 2012 .
Each year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it's our tradition to go on a little hunt for our Christmas tree. This year, Graeme-bear picked out the most perfect tree. I'm not sure how he found time to do so, as he was quite occupied by darting in and out of the tangle of Christmas trees. Nature is like a candy shop to Graeme. Jobie, on the other hand, kept himself occupied by sitting with the Santa Claus, jingling the sleigh bells, and giving us flirty smiles with those three top teefers, until he realized that we were just a little bit too far away and the man with the long white beard was a little too close. Another successful year of tree hunting, in my book. (smile)

After we wrastled our tree into it's stand, goodness! it was a stocky one, we strung up the Christmas lights, much to Graeme's delight. I think he asked about those lights no less than one hudred times! And, believe it or not, our tree doesn't have one single ornament on it this year. I printed off several 5x7 pictures, in black and white, attached them to some heavy-duty card stock, and hung them on our tree. It's a little plain-Jane, but it's perfect for us. I had seen the idea in a Pottery Barn magazine several years ago, and thought, 'someday, when we have babies, this is happening'. I'm so happy to have remembered the idea. We love it, especially paired with the oversize Christmas lights and our pinecone garland. And, do you know what I discovered during this little picture project? My husband and I seriously need some pictures together. (I found one, ONE!, from the entirety of the past six months.) We'll make it a New Year's resolution! Happy tree decorating!


  1. What a creative idea for decorating the tree. Enjoy this special time iwth your boys!

  2. Absolutely love all of it. Aaaand, because of your Instagram about those prints, I just ordered a bunch of black-and-white 5x7s of my own last night. We'll see if it works for our tree! : )

  3. Danielle,

    In all honesty, Pottery Barn was the one to come up with the idea, but I happily employed it : ) Merry Christmas to you all! I'm sure miss Charlotte is totally enjoying Christmas this year!


    Thank you, friend! Haha, I don't blame you. I think this project made me fall in love with black and white pictures all over again. I've been giving my tree a few days to settle in, and I'm thinking about adding a little pine-cone garland -- maybe it's a little *too* plain Jane for me as it stands right now. We'll see : ) Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Erin-- xoxo right back atchya : )


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