A-Z Bookends and Everything In Between .

I'm writing to you from a cozy little cabin on the Oregon coast with a warm fire going and a sleepy, curly-haired boy snuggled up next to me on the sofa. Sometimes, like just now, I look at my curly-haired boy and wonder what sort of creative soul he is exactly. I notice his gifts of organization, speech, and spatial intelligence, and I start to think about who he will become and how God will grow these and other gifts. And then I think about our Jobie, who also has the gift of speech. (smile) As in, he screeched and scowled his way to sleep tonight, making sleep difficult to find for his roommate, thus an extra snuggler on the sofa with mama. But, seriously, I look at Jobie and his incredible sense of humor, his sweetness, his smarts, and his mechanical mind, and I revel in the Creator of my boys. 
I see Mt. Hood, in all of it's snow-capped glory, an abandoned field turned wonder of the world through a cover of frost, the beauty of the sea and it's enormity, and the stunning coastal ranges in their fresh blankets of snow and I think to myself: this God, who made all of these things, made me. And he made me to reflect who he is. He made me-- blog-writing, craft-making, beauty-loving, piano-playing, wife-to Steve, and mama-to-Graeme and Job me-- to use those gifts to reflect himself. That is so incredibly freeing to me. Over the last year, through triumphs and heartbreaks, highs and lows, I've been learning this lesson: let go of what people think. Just create. Be who God made me to be. Bless others with my work. 

On Friday morning, as the sun's rays timidly peeked across my living room, I stood behind my camera lens and snapped photographs of my work: my Cranny A-Z Yarn Letter Bookends. After that, I sent the shots along to an editor at an Australian-based magazine, SHOP, who had requested them for their upcoming issue. I wanted to share all of this with you because you, as my friend, or reader, or both!, allow me to use these words in this space to be a part of who God made me to be. Thank you for giving me that gift. 

p.s. One more thing. Read this. You will be encouraged as you read more about what I have been trying myself to write here today. Happy Mondaying!


  1. I love that in the midst of a screech and holler kind of night...you find this kind of peace in your heart to write about. It's there isn't it...always. It just can be so hard to find sometimes. Have a BEAUTIFUL time at my favorite place God created...the coast. Sounds just magical this time of year.

  2. Sarah, this post is BEAUTIFUL, as is, you're right!, the way God made you and me. I love how you point to Him in looking at His work. It puts together some pieces of the puzzle for me, if that makes sense, in that, I'm seeing more and more that when I observe God's beauty and recognize HIM in it and how He made me for it because He made me for Him, it opens up so much joy in being able to delight in what He's done. I think about that all the time now thanks to you and you're "I crave beauty because I was made for the beautiful one" (IDEA! Put that into artwork! I'll buy!) because I do crave beauty and because I know that's because I crave Him. Thank you for these thoughts to start my day. Love to you guys on your trip! : )

  3. your* not you're!

  4. this is a really beautiful post.

  5. Valley Girl,
    Thank you so much for that reminder-- that it *is* always there, we just have to take the time to find it. (It did help, though, that Job's screeching was short-lived, wink!) Yes, I don't think the coast can ever disappoint, can it!

  6. Shanna,
    I am so thankful for you! SO. THANKFUL. FOR. YOU. I will work on the art piece. Just for you : ) I think the themes of 'joy' and 'thankfulness' have been placed on my plate several times over this last year. I've failed miserably at working through them, but friends like you are always so faithful to point me back to Jesus and how I shouldn't be anything but joyful and thankful for all he has done and all that he is for us. By the way, the coast is so amazing-- yesterday it was cloudy and today it is full sun-- both days were just absolutely gorgeous! Be prepared for an onslaught of pictures : )

    Thank you so much for your kind words, as always!

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Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!