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Last year, I followed along as Jodi, of Che + Fidel, beautifully captured, week by week, the happenings of her little ones. When Jodi posted this post, and explained her Project 52 in such a wonderful way, I knew for sure that I would be joining her this year for a similar photographic journey. Each week, just as  she did every week of last year, Jodi posts a Project 52 collection. Here, I've decided to join her monthly, by posting favorite selections from the past several weeks. So, here is my first installment of Project 52: A portrait, of my children (and loved ones), once a week, every week, in 2013. I hope you enjoy following along, too!

// 1 // That hair! Those eyes!  // 2 // Jodi's '52 A Portrait a Week' button, by artist Rebekka Seale | Instagram of Graeme snuggled up in his blankets reading his very favorite book, A Book of Insects. // 3 // Morning hide and seek with Jobie in the highchair and Graeme in the curtains. Graeme says to Job, "You're my best friend ever, Jobie. We're best friends, okay?" And then my heart became a puddle on the floor. // 4 // Moody lighting on a Sunday afternoon and Graeme thrilled with a balloon from his sunday school.

I plan to post the next installment of Project 52 at the end of February. Happy weekending, dear friends. Do you have any big plans? What if I told you that we're headed to play in the snow at Mt. Hood this weekend? And, if that weren't enough, I get to go on a date with the best guy on Sunday evening! No hum-drum weekend here. (smile)


  1. Ooh I just love this idea! May I copy you??

  2. Sarah,
    Absolutely! Have you made it over to Jodi's blog yet? I love her photos-- you'll find lots and lots of inspiration and I love how she describes her vision for Project 52. Hope you kiddos are feeling well-- so much stuff going around!

  3. Yay. And thank you for exposing such a fantastic blog. Love her style. And linked over to her B-I-L, who has some great parenting thoughts.

    Ok. Seriously. We all know you have adorable children. But Job's eyes in that top pic.....KNOCK OUT! And Graeme's side by sides of anticipation and victory...ADORBS!!!!

    Keep 'em coming, baby!!!
    (yup, I just called you that) ;)

  4. Erin,
    I love you, friend. Just plain love and miss you. We really need to work on this Portland gals weekend! Beth! You hear us? : ) Yes, those eyes! They are very hard to say no to, paired with that adorable smirk and raspy giggle : ) Oh, girl, they will be a comin' . . .for the next 11 months : )

    ps. Loved your message last night. I started laughing out loud as I read it to Steve, picturing you with your phone under your pillow : )

  5. Julie Hall12:23 PM

    Yes! I am sneaking away with my honey overnight and cannot wait :)......and I love your new project!

  6. Jules! I'm thrilled for you! (And a little jealous too :) Can't wait to hear all about it!


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