Stop + Love .

My husband was very curious why I would post the phrase "stop plus love" on our kitchen wall. Bless his heart (or, bless mine, depending on how you interpret the + sign!). Even moments ago, as we were discussing emoticons and symbols, I said to him, "well, how about the 'and' sign (totally meaning the + sign), what would you call that?". "You mean the plus sign?", he said with a grin. We decided we'd agree to disagree.
So, although you and I might land on differing sides of what the + sign signifies, I'm pretty sure we would align very closely on what the 5 o'clock hour brings to a home with small children: mayhem, sometimes. And, most times, a bit of panic, frustration, an extra episode of Postman Pat, or a call for takeout. It's the hour when everything should be coming out of the oven. But instead, everything starts to unravel. Everyone needs mama. Even the doggie. And there sits dinner, unfinished.

I appreciate visual reminders. The little handwritten and type-faced notes don't fix my lack of love toward my family. (Wouldn't that be nice!) I think, actually, they accentuate it sometimes, making me face those loveless moments head on. So, this past week, I was browsing through a hobby store and found 4" black, self-adhesive letters for $0.59 each. And I thought: I need a phrase. At first I thought I'd go with 'you + me', which still might make an appearance on our bedroom wall, but then I thought about that 5 o'clock hour and knew what needed to happen. I'm pretty happy with my $4 investment!

These letters came in a two-pack. Should you feel the need to add some lettering to your wall, you might want to also pick up some double-sided tape. (Our walls are textured and the letters peel up at the corners.) I made the + sign out of the extra 'T'. This project would be so pretty with letters cut out of fabric and nearly free, too!


  1. i love this! what a great reminder. 5 o'clock is a doozy...!

  2. Love. . .I think I may need to do put up a similar reminder :) That's funny that you've been thinking of putting you + me in your bedroom. . .I've been thinking of putting up you & me in ours :)

  3. Ali,
    Correct, correct!

    Too funny! Great minds think alike : )

  4. you tell the truth friend everyone needs mama and in my house it seems to be at the same time. lol.

    cute sign!

  5. Christina,
    Yes, that hour doesn't lie, does it! : ) And, who am I fooling. That line about dinner should have read : And there sits dinner, unmade. Not unfinished! Ha!


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