Heart Art || 4.12

One of my very favorite things in our home is a $20 Salvation Army china cabinet that we turned into a bookshelf / toy holder. (And, apparently Jobie's favorite thing in our home is the dirt in the house-plant shown below! Oh! That boy and how we love him!) I still remember sheepishly telling my sister, you know, the one who wrote a book called Furniture Makeovers!, how I spray painted the inside and brush painted the outside. And, while I'm in the confessing mode, I'll go ahead and admit that I still haven't gotten out the paint brush to finish off a couple of chips and scratches. However, this past week, as I was looking through an old journal, housed in this imperfectly perfect-for-us furniture piece of mine, I came a cross a page that had these words: Understand what really matters. Memories of my last year's study through Philippians came flooding back and for the rest of the week I found myself listening to the books of Romans + Philippians via an application on my iphone. And, in addition, those words from Philippians 1-- understand what really matters-- resonated in my heart and mind. 

So, on Friday, when Graeme finally persuaded me to pull out the paints, I put those exact words down and brushed long strokes of earth-toned colors underneath them. Graeme sat across from me boyishly splashing the paint water with his brush and pressing out long strokes of his own. As I sit here tonight, safe and warm in the quietness of my home, my little ones tucked in and cosy, my heart and mind are heavy with the sadnesses of this world-- Boston, the Gosnell trial, and Charice Beaumont, the little girl that went missing today in Provo, Utah-- and I am once again reminded to understand what really matters. To grow in my love for Christ, to be able to tangibly show the love of Christ to those around me, to shine as a light, holding fast to the Word of Life, to be poured out and used up. 

p.s. I saw the following quote circle around on Instagram tonight and thought the words valuable. So valuable. Our little ones need to see hope in times of great distress. These words present an opportunity to exhibit, in a very visible way, God's common grace to them. || "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'" --Fred Rogers || I love that.

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  1. I love this so much! In some form (although not quite as beautifully written), these words have been soaking through my heart, too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and words.

    1. Bethany,
      Oh my. I'm pretty sure any thoughts you'd write down would be much more beautiful than mine! I'm so thankful to have found you and for your encouragement to love God's word!


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