Project 52 | May

I nearly missed this month's edition of Project 52. Is tomorrow really and truly the first of June? Lately, I've felt, so much, that each day in my little home is like life in a bowling alley, minus the stale popcorn and disgusting bowling shoes. (smile) We're just settin' up the pins to knock 'em down. Do you know what I mean? And I know. I know it's life. It will always be this way and I'm happy to know full life, happy to live the ugly beautiful, as Ann Voskamp calls it. And, I'm thankful that God walks beside us each day, helping us as we get to, over and over again, set up the pins. Those of you who find yourself in this same spot today, have a listen to Sara Groves' song below. It will bring a smile to your face, along with these photographs, I hope! Here are my favorite captures from the month of May.

// first golden hour light of the season // napping at Granna's house // bird watching and oatmeal sharing with PopPop // Mother's Day 2013 // lion climbing at the Greenville Zoo // peekaboo with Jobie + the hydrangeas at lunchtime // Portland rose garden, daddy and Jobie // 


  1. oh girl these are so beautiful - love your heart, happy June!

    1. Rebekah,

      Thank you so much, friend! Happy June to you too!

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