A Home Series by Cranny + Me: Thrifted Living Spaces, Part One

Over the last year, I've pillowed my head, too many times to count, thinking about a blog series that centered around thrifted living spaces. Several months ago, I came across Annie Koelle's Instagram feed. And I knew, right then, that the first installment of this thrifted living spaces series was staring back at me. Annie graciously agreed to share her home, her love of thrifting, and the joining of the two with you all, here, today. I am convinced that you'll be inspired by her beautifully curated home. My hope for this series is that, in seeing the featured homes, you'll be inspired to continue building a home with things you truly love, within your means, with beauty, meaning and purpose. 

Annie says  I'm about to turn thirty this year, I don't mind a bit. Not yet anyways, the years have gotten lighter and fuller. I live with people who love me and we enjoy each other's company, most of the time. My husband Chris works from home in a studio attached to our house, I should have taken pictures of it! Right now I have a big pile in the middle of the studio floor, I need to clean it up but I've been planning a kitchen renovation and gracious, that's hard work. I would go out of my mind if Chris wasn't around all the time, he fills the house with his strange beautiful working music, emotions and laughter.  

The main retailer of my artwork is Art and Light Gallery, where I sell series of small landscapes inspired by those dreamy pastoral scenes in thick gilded frames that you see at estate sales. I have always been a thrifter, because of the thrill of the hunt, you know, but now I have an extra excuse since I use them for my paintings. It's cheaper that way and you can get them to look a little older, a little more interesting, with some elbow grease. I've gotten pretty good at scanning the store shelves, knowing which stores to hit, knowing what to look for, whether it's frames or vintage dishes. It used to be that I grabbed anything vintage or interesting, but now I'm pretty good at knowing what our home really needs to be our very own bower.

Annie's favorite thrifted finds // brass animals // brass task lamps // candle sticks with good curvy shapes // black, gray and white zig zag afghan crocheted with impeccable skill // blue willow ware // baskets, never enough baskets // paint by number landscapes // pyrex lab ware // peeling gilded frames (not to frame art, just for the sake of themselves) // copper votive holders // vintage floral sheets (enough for a village of bedrooms) // good leather huarache sandals // long cardigans // secretary blouses, the ones with the sexy bows at the neck // 

Annie! Thank you so much for sharing your home here! (I definitely feel that a second installment from the Koelle home would be loved and appreciated, hint hint!) Catch up with Annie's Instagram feed here // her Etsy shop here // her amazing work via Art + Light Gallery here

p.s. You can find more of Annie's beautiful work here and more of her beautiful home here.
p.s.s. I'm crossing my fingers that one of the next installments of this once-a-month series might be from my very own home. Because, let's be serious here, that would highly motivate me to finish unpacking and actually hang things on my walls!


  1. Beautiful home! I am in the process of moving and redecorating, and thrifting has been one of the great joys - a room comes together more slowly, but everything in it was chosen with care and has a story :)

    And seriously, nothing gets you more motivated to unpack and clean than having guests or taking photos!

    La Quaintrelle

    1. Jess,
      You are so right on the slowly but surely thing. Sometimes I have a very difficult time with that-- I just want it all done. Now! Annie's house has inspired me to be patient as I am also in the process of settling and decorating a new space. Good luck to you!

  2. Gorgeous! I love all the white backdropping and the way the thrifted pieces work together. So inspiring. Now I want to run to Goodwill... haha!

    Love this idea, Sarah, and cannot wait to see your house (no pressure, just excited). : )

    1. I know, right? I headed out to a few local thrifts and goodwills on Saturday and was so happy to find a few gems. I'm really thinking about collaborating with a few of my favorite bloggers (hint hint!) and giving away a gift card to Goodwill at the end of this series. Isn't Annie's house just so beautiful? So happy she shared it here!

  3. such a gorgeous house, I love all the tiny details! :) i cant wait to read more about your new series! thanks for sharing annie!


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    • Designing Pretty Blogs Since 2012 •

    1. Lauren,
      Thank you so much for stopping by. You could not be more right about Annie's home!

  4. OH BOY! Annie had me at the ornate white frame + hawk. I was SWOONING!!!! I am so SO SO thankful for this series because I've had to do a bit of backpedaling in the past year or 2 as I looked around and realized (my house was starting to kind of feel like a goodwill). EEEK!!! So this series is just perfect! I like what Annie said, "It used to be that I grabbed anything vintage or interesting, but now I'm pretty good at knowing what our home really needs to be our very own bower." so much. And that's where I'm at. Just because it's a steal and one of a kind and an impeccable price, doesn't mean it has to come home with me!!! In fact, this started hitting home after of few trips to donate to Goodwill...and realizing that some of the items in the box were FROM Goodwill. :P OK, and no pressure...but really, truly, cannot wait to see your post in this series! ;) Would LOVE more...More...MORE!!! :)

    1. Erin,
      I always love reading your comments : ) Also, I laughed out loud many times during reading your comment, specifically when you wrote about taking Goodwill-purchased items to Goodwill. Aha. haha. I was *just* in that exact situation. But don't tell Steve! : )

      Annie's statement about refining her eye at thrift stores spoke to me too. I'm so glad this series made you smile. And, I hope to share photos of the new house soon. Mostly, selfishly, because that means I'll be settled soon. Right? Here's hoping!

    2. Third hand raised over here at redonating to Goodwill. Haha... at least we're not alone! : )

    3. Laughing! Love you!

  5. Great series, Sarah. I loved her house and great finds. The photos are awesome too.

    1. Thanks, Aubrie! Isn't Annie's home (and photography!) beautiful?

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