Project 52 | Settling thoughts .

This post marks the halfway point in my Project 52 journey. I continue to come to the end of each month, more and more grateful for this photographic project. I know that I'll never regret taking pictures of my loved ones. Thank you for allowing me to share these each month with you.

We are continuing to settle in to our new home. I wish I could capture all of the sights and sounds of this beautiful place, bottle them up, and send it to each of you. The boys are adjusting more and more and for that we are grateful. I tend to forget, until we're smack in the middle of a life change, that little ones go through adjustments too and that they need extra measures of love, grace, and patience, just as I do for myself. 

I realized this week, as I was thinking about the purpose of this blog in my own life and for the benefit of others, that I never desire to give the impression that my life with little ones is always glowy and perfect. That said, there are days in my life that are easy-peasy, filled with beauty and laughter, gifts from the Father. And it's those days that I'd rather tell you about, not because I'd like for the world to believe that such a glimpse is my complete life, but because I want the world to know that I don't take those days for granted. I do, though, believe that there is value in recognizing the deepening times, the days that press us to the end of ourselves, the hours that leave us reaching for Psalms or Romans, the kind of minutes that send pulsing Oh God, help me! prayers. That is where I am right now. Except, I'm starved for some quiet time, for longer prayer talks, for some stretch of decent behavior from my children. (smile) It's at times like these that I'm thankful for the beauty of happy, lens-caught moments, the recalling of God's faithfulness in them, the confident expectation that God loves me and my little ones so deeply and that he cares for us-- during the easy hours and the chaotic, box-filled, can't-find-anything! transition months too. 

// my three guys heading towards the ocean in Fort Bragg, California // my Graeme-bear on the fourth of July, happy as a lark with the flag and swing he found. (I don't think I could've dreamed this up. It is a favorite of mine for sure!) // my Jobie on Gold Beach //


  1. I love your sweet, uplifting voice in this space, Sarah, whether you blog about the beautiful, easy seasons or the stretching, painful ones. You talk about them both with grace, and it encourages me, always. Love seeing glimpses of your life and your new location and looking forward to more!

    1. I am glad that this post came across as sweet and uplifting. I really felt that it was a downer, even though it was truly and honestly written in a down time. And truth be told, I really don't feel like I'm living these moments with grace. I feel like there is so much to be done, and too little (free) time to do it all. Graeme and Job are so busy and they need their mama to not be unpacking boxes and sorting things all of the time. And, sometimes, it's hard for my brain to compute that. Pray for me! : )

      p.s. Looking forward to sharing more of this beautiful house soon!
      p.s.s. Your comments always encourage my heart. So much.

  2. Sarah,
    Stopping by today and thankful for your beauty pictures and honest reflections on the stress of transition.....but your honesty is resting in God's sovereign control. And I can see you waiting on right, so hard, but so good. Keep striving to rest.
    I've been given a solitude retreat at home as my beloved family went off to youth camp....but the phone rang twice with two father's in my family delivering bad news, health related opportunities to trust God. Would these events rob me of the rest time in Him that I have for 48 hours? I'm fighting..."giving thanks in everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," (Eph 5:20). Striving to rest in His control of the chaos.
    Praying for you today,

    1. Amy,
      I literally got goose bumps as I read your comment. My enormous amount of gratitude for having been able to get to know you during our short time at Harvest probably won't accurately come through these words. But I really am so incredibly thankful for your ministry and heart. I've been praying for you this morning since reading this note. I am so thankful for you pointing me back to this verse in Ephesians and I'll continue to pray it for you today as well.

      p.s. We have lots of room for guests here and it is so very peaceful right beside this pond. Just know that you and Matt always have an open invitation here. The way our house is laid out, we are able to give our guests the entire top floor and I love that!

  3. Well you put into words perfectly what I have wanted to express for a long time. I see somewhat snarky comments on fb about bloggers making everything look perfect and it bothers me. Why would I want to document/photograph the bad and ugly of our life for a post? People like to remember the good and forget the not-so-good. Choosing to document the "pretty" stuff only means that's what's important to you and there's nothin wrong with filtering out the parts youd rather forget. ;) well like I said, you said it so much better than me. I may have to borrow it sometime.
    Can't wait to see some pics of your new place but
    I know you have lots to do getting settled in the new home!

    1. Kristen,
      I know what you mean. I think my frustration peaked when this article ( ) came out. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. I sat down that night and posted my reply-- not because I expected people to read it, but because I needed to think through the issue for myself and put words to my thoughts. This is what I wrote-- "My response to the "Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life" article || Here's the best part of this article: "Let's choose community. Let's stop comparing. Let's start connecting." Yes! And, when you see a beautiful Instagram photo, stop and thank God for the beauty someone else has found in the tangible. The truth is, we crave beauty because we were made by the Beautiful One. I compare and judge, I assume and assign motives because I am broken and in that brokenness, I suddenly turn beauty into ashes and your joys into my sorrows. I wonder what would happen if I chose to love and rejoice with those who find the Intangible in the tangible. I'm wondering if those 'lacking moments' might just turn into long moments of praise and thanks to the One who allows us beauty in brokenness."

      Sorry for the long response! I just completely hear where you are coming from!

      p.s. I'm looking forward to sharing about our home because that means that more and more boxes will be unpacked! Hopefully! : )

    2. That was so perfect!! Gave me chills to read it because I agree so heartily :) You have a gift with words.
      I ALWAYS enjoy your beautiful instagrams. They bring a smile to my face and I love that youre making happy memories with your beautiful family!!

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