That time we went to an Oregon Ducks' game.

On Saturday, we lazily strolled down the street for a short walk. An hour later, we hustled through the door with two bursting-at-the-seams armloads of cucumbers, zucchini, gooseneck squash, pears, nectarines, and broccoli, thanks to our kind neighbors down the way. We packed up lunches for ourselves and the boys, made up from other fresh produce we had been given the day before, and hurriedly headed out the door. After dropping the boys off at an adopted grandparents' home (I talked about them here!), we pointed Elsa towards Autzen stadium. 
Except, Autzen was the last place I wanted to head towards. Job was upset when we left and I was feeling bad about it. (It's one of those difficult things-- knowing your babies need to learn that you'll come back for them.) We parked Elsa (she's alive again!) and walked thirty minutes, through the University of Oregon's campus, to Autzen stadium. We arrived amid throngs of college kids, little ones tagging along with their grandparents, and everyone in between. 

And then it happened. I could only find one of our tickets in my purse. I remembered carefully grabbing both season tickets out of the FedEx envelope that one of Steve's former coworkers had so graciously sent to us. I was sure of it. In the end, we thought it must've slipped out when I hastily grabbed my camera in the middle of our walk. We retraced our steps to no avail. My husband headed inside while I camped out underneath a shade tree. Needless to say, our spirits were a tad low. And all of the sudden, the only place I wanted to be was inside that stadium with my husband! (Me? Fickle? Never!) A few minutes later, I heard a 'babe!' and looked up to see my husband excitedly waving a reprinted ticket!

I plunked down my bag for the routine search and then darted towards Steve as the ticket master yelled out after me, "they've already scored twice!". We made our way down to our seats, section 16, and settled in. I should admit this now: I love being an Oregonian. Also, you know you are truly an Oregonian when you think -- seriously think -- that you are going to pass out from extreme heat and you make a beeline to the nearest shaded area and check your iPhone for the current weather, knowing that you are dangerously close to dehydration and faintness, and the temperature reads 82. You guys. Seriously. It so could not have been 82. (!)

And so, we've checked it off our list: attend an Oregon Ducks football game. I have a feeling we'll be rechecking that one many times. (smile) As we sipped our iced coffee and, would you believe it, hot chai on the way home, we commented about the lost ticket and how a naughty college kid probably picked it up as it fell from my purse, snickering as they did so. Imagine my guilt as we cleaned out our car a few days ago, opened up the FedEx envelope, and found one glittering ticket inside. 

Sometimes you just have to laugh. 
Here's hoping for another Ducks' game with no ticket mishaps and cooler weather. Until then, Autzen. 


  1. Looks like so much fun!

    1. Shanna,
      It really was. I realized after writing this that I forgot to say we really did have a good time! : ) Even though it was hot and we didn't make it for the beginning of the game, it was so exciting to be there. And be there together.

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I do not know who suffers more through that learning process of dropping the children off and having them cry and not wanting to scoop them up and take them with you, us or them. My son cried for one month when he started preschool. Oh how painful(I am sure for the two teachers as well.)

    The game seemed like a lot of fun. So glad you were able to go inside.

    We are having some nice weather here is NY. It is just beautiful! I am grateful for the low humidity we are experiencing now.

    Being over-heated is so not fun. I have been there myself, many moons ago. It happened to me at a fair and three kids in tow. Ugh! But we stayed after some Pepsi and shade(I know Pepsi was probably not a good choice but it worked!)

    I enjoyed your line "Sometimes you just have to laugh." Oh how very true :)

    I just love your blog. Thanks for sharing a small bit of your life with us!


    1. Janet,
      Yes! You are so right about the crying/leaving process! Thank you for your sweet words here. And, sometimes, there's just nothing like a cold pop! (or Rootbeer, in my opinion!) : )

  3. Oh, dear. We attended a Nebraska football game when I was - count them - maybe 7 weeks pregnant with Cole and so queasy all the time. Add a bunch of screaming Nebraska fans, hard college stadium seats (does Oregon only have aluminum benches as well?) with a little man practically sitting on my lap eating his beef-something, and then it began to rain. I kid you not, it rained and rained and I wore a green poncho from Target and sat on that hard bench under the big screen while my husband had the time of his life - truly an experience to cross of the bucket list. Glad you had warm weather and sun to enjoy!

    1. Bethany,
      Oh boy. Boy do I hear you! My mom is here visiting and I had to read your comment to her out loud. You were and are such a trooper!!!


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