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Several days ago, while Graeme was painting, Steve and I commented to him that we absolutely loved all of the colors that he had mixed into his watercolor. I'm not exactly sure how we went from a watercolor to, as of this morning, an open Etsy shop called Prints for Pints, but, well, it happened!
I love Theodore Roosevelt's words-- do what you can, with what you have, where you are. I want my boys to know that they aren't too young to do something important or meaningful, no matter how small or great that something might be. And so, we had this crazy idea-- what if we made prints of Graeme's buffalo watercolor, sold them, and sent the proceeds to further the work of Living Water International? We decided to go for it.

I asked Graeme about his drawing and this is what he told me-- "a buffalo with one horn, and a fly swatter, and a centipede that cuts off the buffalo's horn."  Welp, there you have it, from the abstract artist himself. (smile) I thought about candy coating his description a little bit, but Graeme took care of that soon enough. I asked him the name of his buffalo and, are you ready for this?, it's Candy Corn. Oh, it's just getting better and better, isn't it? (So, folks, if you'd like to purchase a print of Candy Corn the one-horned buffalo, you can purchase it here. All proceeds will be donated to Living Water International.)

Yesterday, as I made a little logo for his shop, Graeme patiently waited on the sofa seat beside me. And as I did, I explained to him how this project would benefit those who don't have clean drinking water. I rattled on and on, waxing eloquent with an analogy that I thought would get his attention-- Graeme, do you see the water on the counter-- the glass that's left from your watercoloring? Do you see how dirty it is? There are people in our world who drink water that looks like that. His eyes widened. I continued. But we can help to change that. We can sell copies of your buffalo painting and send the money to help those people get clean water! And then, he said, "mommy, could you put on Diego for me?"

And so, he doesn't quite understand this whole shebang. But I think that's okay. We'll keep talking about it, talking through it, and encouraging him in the small things. And who knows? Maybe next year he'll pop out with his very own set of ideas! What I can tell you is that he is excited. And when I brought home the prints of his watercolor, he proudly looked through them, asking me if they were dry yet. (smile) And today, after he watercolored his way through half of an hour, he asked if we could make prints of the new ones, and sell them too. (I have to admit, he worked on an American flag that made my heart skip a beat.)

Our hope is that he'll walk away with a simple understanding-- the understanding that he can help others, in tangible ways, now. And we pray that that understanding sparks a growing love for meeting the needs of others, with what he has, wherever he might be. 

p.s. We chose the name Prints for Pints because we desire to raise funds for clean pints of water through Graeme's watercolor prints.


  1. Such a lovely idea! And candy corn is a beauty. Well done, Graeme!

    1. Thank you so much Ali! I'll pass your kind words onto our Graeme-bear!

  2. That's awesome, Sarah and Graeme. I think I'll buy a print and send it to my niece who is about the same age as Graeme and explain your story. (Plus she loves arts and crafts and painting herself.)

    1. Aubrie,

      Thank you SO much for being Graeme's first supporter! He got this cute little grin on his face when I told him about your purchase! Also, Steve and I were just talking about that very thing last night-- how, if one of our friends had a child doing this project, how fun it would be to buy it and hang it in our kids' room and tell them about it! Thank you so much!

  3. Sarah, this is such an amazing idea! I am so impressed by all that you do with your etsy shoppe. This was a great idea to involve Graeme in a tangible fundraising activity. I bet he will look back on this as a really special moment in his life. ;)

    1. Amanda,
      Thank you! You're sweet. I've recently read several stories about young ones who started little businesses to support Living Water International (and other similar organizations). It inspired me and I hope that Graeme will remember this little venture. And I hope that it sparks a growing love for others, sharing Jesus with them, and caring for their needs!

  4. you're incredible, this is ingenious and the basic love and goodness you're teaching him? priceless! thanks for sharing this idea and shining your light in the darkness.♥

    1. Anne,
      We really do want him to see Jesus in this. Sometimes I get frustrated when we try to explain things to him and he just wants to watch Diego! : ) haha! It's a good reminder to me of how Jesus deals gently with me and teaches me a little bit at a time about this life we live. I need to do the same with my Graeme-bear!

  5. Love! Kid art is one top ten list of best things ever. Go Graeme!

    1. Linds,
      Oh man. Absolutely! Passing on your cheers to Graeme. . .
      thank you, friend!

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