Stories from Here | Part Five

I still remember the day we met Bruce. We piled out of the car, in a mix of nerves and excitement. I looked up and saw him standing in the window with the rest of the pastoral search committee. I will never, ever forget my emotions in that moment. I brushed away brimming tears and walked through the front door. That morning, my husband asked and answered questions while I played with the boys in an adjoining room. As we walked through the door, they had handed me a large bag with gifts for the boys-- puzzles, games, a teddy bear for Jobie, and two packages of chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe's for me-- 'we read your blog and we knew you'd love those!' As I sat down, unpacking the thoughtful gifts, I took in a gallery wall to my right. There were tens of beautiful family pictures. And all of the sudden, I knew it–– I knew Bruce had lost his wife. Even though I hardly knew this man, a deep, deep sadness came over me.

Later, I would learn that his wife had passed away from cancer. I would cry as I watched her memorial service on video, as I learned more and more about this lady who has now been in the presence of Jesus for over five earthly years. I still remember the day that Steve came home from his weekly breakfast with Bruce at the Dairy Queen and said, 'we need to pray for Bruce. He's really lonely. He's beginning to pray that God would provide a wife.' And I still remember the moment, just weeks later, when I finally caught up to Bruce after a Sunday morning service and asked, probably way too excitedly, how his first date had gone. But as it turned out, his excitement would put mine to shame! A couple of weeks later, I sat down in the coffee connection as Bruce told me they were going to get married the day after Thanksgiving. 'And, would you and Stephen meet with us? We'd like some marriage counseling.' I don't remember my exact words back to Bruce. There was probably a bit of stuttering involved, to say the least. 

On the day after Thanksgiving, my husband performed his first marriage ceremony. It was an intimate, meaningful ceremony filled with endless smiles. And on that day, my eyes again filled with tears as Anita's son, who Bruce flew in from North Carolina as a surprise, read a few lines before giving his mom to Bruce. He talked about how, when he was a little boy she'd sit on his bed and sing to him until he fell asleep. Years later, he was the one sitting at the foot of her bed, telling her the good news of Jesus Christ. Today, she believes!

This story, it's true! Looking back on these last, fast months, it seems unreal. But the goodness of God, it's real. It's here and it's this-- God gives, God takes, blessed be the name of the Lord. 

*Bruce and Anita, we are incredibly thankful for you. I am most thankful that, when I gave you my best piece of marriage advice-- always argue naked because it can never last long-- you laughed with me instead of staring back in disbelief, ha! But most of all, thank you for the joy that you have given to our souls through the process of your meeting and marriage. It's God's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. We love you.

Stories from Here is a series that is being written and photographed because I want to remember all of the people and places, happenings, findings, and friendships that we are experiencing here. You can find Stories from Here / Part One here, Stories from Here / Part Two here, Stories from Here / Part Three here, and Stories from Here


  1. Just beautiful -- your words ... their story ... the photos ... God's gracious planning.

    1. Thank you friend. I just couldn't stop smiling as I put this post together. It's one of the happiest stories I've ever known. We are so grateful for this display of God's goodness and kindness in the lives of our friends!

  2. So touching! You've captured the story so beautiful in photography and prose. Lovely, just lovely.

    1. Susanna,

      The joy is just radiating from them, isn't it? Such an honor to be a part of their day and to see the goodness of our God up close. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    this is beautiful. all of it. every part. The photos are amazing but it's the story that bring such joy to this post. what a lovely story of overcoming through Christ and hid endless love for us. I am so glad you shared this!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it! I am still so overwhelmed by the joy and love of that day. It was incredibly beautiful. I too am thankful for Christ's love for us and His goodness that was so evident that day in the lives of our friends. What a delight to be a very small part of it!

  4. I love your marriage advice! LOL, we need to get together again someday soon :)

  5. : ) Even better, it came from a Catholic priest! (?) That's the funniest part, to me : )
    Yes to getting together someday! We will probably be on the east coast this coming summer and we're even thinking of including a side trip to Virginia! That's pretty close to you, right? Maybe we could even meet up at DC Cupcakes : ) Merry Christmas to you guys!

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