The First Snow .

I had originally planned to share a really special edition of Stories from Here with you all today. But, then this happened, and I wanted to share these pictures instead, kind of in a journalistic way. I don't want to forget the memories from our first snow here in our new home. . . 

Last Thursday, we celebrated thirty-two years of life for my sweet husband. The boys colored the wrapping on the gifts, Graeme painted the raddest water-color ever, and I blew up a bushel of balloons, while we waited for the birthday boy to arrive home. Later that evening, we dropped the boys off with adopted grandparents for the night and headed out for dinner and a little Christmas shopping for the boys. The next morning, we woke to a very quiet house. And when Steve pulled back the curtains, me still lazily hanging out underneath the down comforter, we couldn't believe the beauty that stared back at us.

Later that day, we picked up the boys from grandpa + grandma's house, bundled them up in probably way too many layers of clothing, and headed out to play in the snow. (This was the first time that Job had ever laid eyes on snow and he was pretty happy about it.) We facetimed Granna and sledded down the hill several times and then headed inside to get warm with some ovaltine and marshmallows. Thank you for letting me share a gazillion pictures of our snow day. I just couldn't help myself! Happy Mondaying!


  1. OH, IT IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love a hefty snow covering like that! You're also on to the secret of dressing the boys in a bright color when near woods/snow. I know they're a bit young for them to wander to far...but soon, very soon, my friend, bright colors will be your mamma-hearts best friend. :) Happy day to you.

    1. Oh, girl, you are so smart! I didn't even think about dressing the boys in bright colors. But you can bet that I will from now on! : )

  2. ummm you always take the most beautiful pictures.
    ah I love these - and I want snow so badly!

    1. Amy, where do you live? I'll wish snow your way! : ) We were shocked to get so much here-- eight inches! And it's still here because it's been so very cold. It sure makes for a beautiful sight, though!

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    So magical!!! Would you mind sharing what type of camera / lenses you use? I'm shopping for some new ones and am a bit torn over a few choices.

    1. Jenna,
      Absolutely. I've owned my Nikon D5000 for four years now and still love it. The lens that I use almost exclusively is my 35mm fixed lens. I also own a 60mm lens that I love for still life and for newborn shoots. It's not a fast lens like my 35, but it produces beautiful images nonetheless. Those are my faves! You'll have to let me know what you end up with!

    2. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Thanks for sharing Sarah. I just love your photography and all the moments you capture with it. (you have a really great eye!)

  4. these photos are just gorgeous Sarah! I am so happy that you guys were blessed with such a wonderful first snow experience it sounds like it was perfection!!

    1. Rebekah,
      Thank you, pal! It was definitely a beautiful first snow here in our new home. We are still shocked that we got eight inches. Eight! It was Job's first time in snow, so that made it especially fun : )

  5. oh wow...these images are stunning. How fun your boys must have had!

    1. Thank you, friend! Yes! Lots of (very cold!) fun was had by all. Have you gotten any snow yet?

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Adorable! Here we have had a tiny, tiny bit of snow. Barely enough to say there was even snow at all... but I am hopeful that it will come! These photos are too cute and your house looks lovely!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Ok. I think we follow each other on Instagram, but never visited your blog till yesterday. I am in awe at the beauty and feel so inspired! I, too, am glad you put your favorite lenses in the comments. I have a 50 mm lens that is the only one I've bought and I love it, but feel like I need a wider angle for some scenarios. Thanks for the tip! And I have to ask about your hat? I love it!

    1. Hi Mary Beth,
      Yes, I think I'm all caught up on Instagram and blog comments now. I've been so deeply behind that it isn't even funny. All that to say, sorry for the delay in getting back to you here! The hat-- yes!-- love it and loved that it only cost me $7.97 at WalMart. Shocker! : ) Also, you would love the 35mm. It probably has come off my camera six or seven times in the last two years! It is my favorite for sure and so affordable-- I believe mine was under $200? I love it, too, for taking video. The video in today's post was taken with my 35mm and it just fits everything in the frame so nicely.

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. I am so thankful for a space to record all of God's goodness to my family.

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