Favorite snapshots | On choosing 2014 words for the other...

Like everyone else, I love the newness of each year. And although I feel that life is moving at an unseemly fast pace right now, I'm thankful none-the-less for each new January that comes my way. It's been very dreary here this week and I finally decided that I needed to chase the doldrums away by staring at some favorite snapshots from the past year. I do this sort of thing each year on this little blog, but for some reason, I've been embarrassingly slow to post this year's year-end collection. So slow, in fact, that it is now a new year collection!

In addition to being thankful for the fresh start that a new year brings, I am very grateful, in particular, for one conversation that my husband and I fit in a couple of weeks back. We chose words for the new year, but we chose them for each other. We'd never done this before, but we both admit that it was a fun thing of sorts. Well, that and cheerfully terrifying. (What word will he choose? When will he finally tell it to me?) 

I chose the word wisdom for him with a three-point outline included. He chose the word prioritize for me with a simple statement to go along with it. We chose words that would both encourage and challenge the other. For example, my husband's insight is one of the traits that I most appreciate in him. I pray that this year, God grants him more and more wisdom, wisdom to give, and Wisdom to know. He chose prioritize for me, because, while I didn't hear this straight from him, I'm sure he'd agree-- I need a little bit of reining in every once in a while. Actually, what he did say was this-- this year is looking to be a busy one for us and I need to choose what's most important for each day. I'm thankful for a spouse who not only understands my bent towards saying yes to everything but also gives his support and encouragement to dig out the word 'no' every once in a while.

Wherever this January finds you, I hope it finds you well. I'm off to prioritize. Tonight, that looks like eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice-cream and sending out overdue email replies. Happy January, friends!

p.s. If you need a smile today, watch this. If you need a good laugh, watch this.


  1. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Love the pictures.
    I think it is wonderful that you picked words for each other. I can imagine it is with a lot of grace as it can be hard to receive a word from someone else. We usually pick our own words for the year so thank you for opening my mind to something new.
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Janet,
      It was definitely something fun and new and I think we'll keep it around. Who better to pick a word for me than my husband who knows me (and all of my flaws!) better than anyone else, right? : ) Happy New Year to you!

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I love that you picked words for each other.... what a great date night discussion that would make. I've never done the word of the year thing, but I would love to know what my husband would choose for me and I think it would be a great marriage builder too.

    Your photos from the year are just beautiful. Wishing sunshine your way.
    - Jenna

    1. Jenna,
      Yes, I was going to say, in this post, that our conversation about our 2014 words actually happened over the course of a few days, between living life with our little guys : ) It would have been a great date night convo-- maybe we'll plan on that for next year : ) Thank you for the kind words about my photos and wishes for sunshine. It's just been the absolute dreariest week here with all of this rain. Hoping that a little sunshine is just around the corner!

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