Valentining .

Just popping in with a little bit of Valentine's cheer! I'm feeling very spoiled over here as my boys already surprised me with the gift of a Shark steam and spray mop. Boy do I feel lucky! (I know some women would not share in my excitement over such a thing for a Valentine's Day gift but this was totally on my wish list! My boys know me well.) Tomorrow afternoon, during Jobie's nap, Graeme and I will be putting together these valentines for his little class party. Tonight, we'll make a mad dash to Old Navy and hit up their twenty-five cent bouncy ball machine for a half dozen. (smile) 

The pictures above were taken last week when Graeme and I put together a special valentine for West Elm and their fundraiser for St. Jude. (You can read a bit more about it here.) Thanks for letting me post a passel of pictures just because! Here's wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day! xo


  1. So precious. We had so much fun making our own last week--isn't it beautiful to watch your children create? I think so. x

    1. I think so too, Bethany. It was a fun afternoon with my Graeme-bear-- the kind that needs to happen much more often! : )

  2. So beautiful! I think we may need to get our glitter on here! I used to let Drew get the 25c. bouncy balls when he was G's age at our Old Navy! He got quite the thrill out of popping in the quarter and getting a new ball! I can only imagine the delight (and challenge of keeping them from bouncing away) of gathering so many bouncy balls! :) Happy times. xo

    1. Yes! I wish I would've taken a video of them! We had to get about 10 out of the machine and it was a hoot watching the boys chase all of them down. Free entertainment for Wednesday's Old Navy shoppers : ) I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's day, friend!

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