Dream a little dream .

Just popping in with a little favorites/wish list for our baby girl. Does it shock you to know that this list took me a few weeks to put together? Oh goodness. I have to remind myself that finding those simple, sweet, and unique items can take time. And so, even when I have moments of panic, like yesterday afternoon when I was sitting on the sofa lost in thought about how soon she'll be here!, I have to remember that everything will come together. All of the special things I want to prepare for her, her little room, all of the nesting projects on my list ....... it will be alright. So, here's to a little wishing today, a few pretty things to look at, and a song that's been on my mind.

/1/ moses basket  /2/ floral tank and bloomer set by Old Navy  /3/ rose gold moccs by Freshly Picked  /4/  That Bowtie I Like print by Michelle Armas for her nursery wall  /5/ pacifier  /6/ chambray bubble one piece by Baby Gap /7/ (not pictured) Aden + Anais' easy swaddles and sleeping bags  /8/ (not pictured) this leather bag or something similar for a diaper bag/purse


  1. So sweet. I bet you're so excited to have a little baby girl in the mix of all those boys. :)

    1. Aubrie! We are really looking forward to meeting this little one! I should say, though, we were in complete shock! : ) But I'm pretty sure she'll have us wrapped around her little finger in about three seconds : ) Hope you are doing well!

  2. I'm pretty impressed you were able to narrow it down, considering, you've just been catapulted into the baby girl world. :) I see your style woven throughout here. Hope you're feeling well.

    1. Hi friend! Well.... I have to tell you. This whole girl thing is a bit overwhelming to me right now. Okay. A lot overwhelming. There's just so, so, so much pink out there! :| On the health side of things, I'm just praying through the end of this pregnancy. It has definitely had its challenges and I'll be so grateful to say goodbye to antibiotics and UTI's and other things that I've never had to deal with in my ENTIRE life before! Just praying for health for Wren!

  3. FRIEND: I just saw your "Real Families" post on Land of Nod's website. seriously. SERIOUSLY! Absolutely amazing! Did they "gift" you everything that was featured? Such gorgeousness! So happy for you. What a gift (from above). xo

    1. Yes! And so much more. Isn't that so unbelievable? They truly are such a generous company. Everything that is on my pinterest board was gifted to us. Absolutely amazing! Such a gift for sure!

  4. LOVE all your picks. I clicked on the Moses Basket link and it led me to moses baskets that had different liners than the one pictured here. Can you direct me to where I can find that specific one? I have been on a frantic hunt for one as we have no crib or pack and play or anything at this point. In short, the song was calming for this mother-to-be. ;)

    1. Mary Beth,
      I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you! The moses basket that is pictured is no longer being made and sold and so I swapped the link to the current one on Amazon. My mom actually ordered that very one (the Amazon one) and I love it. I can't wait to use it with our baby girl. (I did toss the mattress sheet that came with it and purchased a little white and gray dot one from Target. The Target one is a little bit big, but tucks underneath the moses basket mattress nicely.) I hope this helps! And, I'm so glad you enjoyed that song-- such a great reminder of His love and care even when times are busy, changing, and harried! Love to you and yours.

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