Summer Shenanigans | Part One

Last week, the boys experienced strawberry picking for the very first time. Jobie was covered in strawberry juice and ate his weight in berries. Graeme wasn't far behind in the berry count and his enthusiasm made us all smile. I know our shenanigans might be few and far between this summer but I wanted to begin this series to keep track of every single one. It's funny how an hour of strawberry picking can make two little boys' day. It's funny how snapping these photographs made mine. Here's to the next shenanigan, and the next, and the next. . .

Jobie heading towards the strawberry field // the perfect day for picking strawberries // John Deeres for days around here and my boys love that! // Jobie's bucket // running for more berries to eat // helping Granna to pick the last for her bucket

Happy summering, friends, wherever these snaps might find you. . .


  1. so pretty! and there is nothing better that fresh-picked strawberries. or any berries. the best!

    1. True that, my dear friend, on the berries! In fact. . .we're headed out tomorrow morning for blueberries!

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