Summer Shenanigans, Part Four | BumpNest Review

When we moved here last summer we could hardly believe our eyes that not only was there a pond in our backyard but also a resident duck whom we learned had been named Sloppy. My boys fell immediately in love with Sloppy the duck and, really, so did I. Then came winter and a cold snap of negative temperatures. I mentioned to my husband one night during the cold snap that I was trying to figure out a way to talk Sloppy into coming indoors. But it was too late. We never saw Sloppy again. Although I've always feared the worst, Graeme has always been completely convinced that Sloppy took off looking for his family. (Even though we were told he was unable to fly.) And I am not about to tell him differently. (smile) 

So, try and imagine our absolute glee when a mama duck and her seven babies appeared in our pond in late June. The boys insisted on giving the name Sloppy to the mama duck and I thought it was quite redemptive. We had a bit of panic the week of July 4th when our little duck family disappeared for a few days. But, I'm chalking it up to fireworks and the fact that this mama duck is a terrific little mommy. Perhaps she was just being extra cautious and keeping her little ones in the shadows for a few days after all of those firework booms.

It's safe to say that we've been spending hours upon hours outside this summer. Between our beloved ducks, our pool, our shade umbrella, and our last-year's-swimming-pool-turned-sand-box, we've stayed pretty happily employed. And a tad hot. And did I mention hot? (big pregnant smile) My three salvations this summer have been the pool, the umbrella, and my BumpNest pillow

It's so unbelievably surreal to me that we'll be meeting our baby bird in less than three weeks and less than two if she decides to show up when her brothers did. (My water broke on the same exact night with both boys-- the night before I turned thirty-eight weeks.) Whenever she decides to arrive, we will welcome her with open arms. And until then, you'll find us loving on our baby ducks who, as of just last night, let us feed them bread. We're pretty in love with these feathered friends.......

almost 37 weeks | photograph by baby bird's daddy

I've read several great reviews (here and here for starters) from women who loved their BumpNest pillow, especially for sleeping use. But in addition to giving sleeping comfort, I personally think this pregnancy pillow is a wonderful addition for outside shenanigans. I love that the cover easily zips off for the wash and it is such a nice size that even the boys are able to enjoy it right along with me. I would definitely recommend BumpNest's pregnancy pillow to you. (I always appreciate a company with a beautiful logo, product and photography, too!) Their pillows come in a variety of beautiful patterns and their scraps to caps initiative is such a good one. Thank you so much, BumpNest, for sending me your pregnancy pillow. Our outside summer shenanigans would have been much, much less comfortable without your BumpNest pillow!

our baby ducks. . . from Sarah Kate Branine on Vimeo.


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