A simple treasure hunt for today .

Just popping quickly in-- because the baby is fast asleep and the boys are busy taking every couch cushion off the guest bedroom sofa and jumping away-- to say happy first day of Autumn. I love this season. So much. Yesterday, my Graeme-bear and I went on a little treasure hunt to welcome in the new season, while Job and Wren took their afternoon naps. We thought we'd share, just in case you'd like to do the same today. . .

one brown leaf // acorn // a yellow flower // leaf from an apple tree // feather // one smooth rock // bark // two pinecones // a red leaf // a small twig // a flower pod // an allium // one green leaf // pine needles

p.s. We found everything on our list except for an acorn. Pine trees outnumber the oak trees around here. (wink) Happy Autumn, friends!


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