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The other day, as I daydreamed on the ride home, I thought about how my to-do list was literally a mile long. As a result, there've been a few really late evenings around here but it's been worth it. I realized, several weeks ago, that I was later than ever in getting my year-at-a-glance calendars completed. It wasn't for a lack of trying. In all honesty, there is more than one creative outlet of mine that has been stuck in a rut for the past few months. It seems that no matter how hard I try, nothing comes of it.

The process was beginning to take its toll. Stacks upon stacks of papers strewn about my house, piled here and there and everywhere. Calligraphy pens out of ink, charcoal pencils wreaking havoc with their shavings, and multiple pads of paper being used up without anything to show for it. 

A few nights ago, my dad walked past my mess and asked how it was going. I told him that it wasn't. He sighed and said, "you'll get there." I think sometimes –– many times –– we don't realize what a few kind words can do for someone. It was what my tired, creative soul needed to hear. I'll get there. What is it that the infamous 'they' say–– anything worth having is worth waiting for?

This year I stopped producing and I started processing. What have I learned this year and how can I connect that to what I am creating? In my creating, am I primarily trying to please unknown buyers or am I legitimately creating something I love and that is true to my aesthetic? In my creating, am I acknowledging that every piece that falls into place does so because I have a Father in heaven who delights to answer simple cries for help? When I put all of these factors together in my mind, these calendars were such a joy to process and bring to fruition–– and I am ever so happy to share them with you.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and thankful to be sharing these words and calendars with you –– the best things are yet to come!

with love,
Sarah Kate Branine

Wording on calendars from top to bottom ––


  1. "Stopped producing and started processing." Those are the exact words I've been looking for to describe my year, too. You're always such a joy to read.


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