Our Year .

Dear  2 0 1 5,

If there was ever a year for growth and change and for keeping us on our toes it was you. You were full to the brim. Full of home projects, to-do lists, homeschooling, and personal growth. You found us in so many places –– the coast, apple-picking in our backyard, day trips to Salt Creek Falls and Portland, a trip to South Carolina to see our Gigi turn 90!, and several other special trips and days throughout the year. 

You witnessed our tenth anniversary. Maybe this coming year will be our year for a little getaway for just the two of us, but for this year, you saw us wearily exchange I love yous across a crowded airplane, a sleeping Wren Margaret in my arms and two weary boys slouched across their daddy's legs. "Happy Anniversary", he mouthed quietly. And I smiled.

You taught us to let go of things. Well, Marie Kondo did anyway. And because of it, you watched as we felt more free to open our home to friends and family, confident that we could at least now find the spare sheet set without turning our house upside down. We still misplace things and the paper piles still take over our home at times. But we are learning. We are learning to know that less is more.

We watched, as your months ticked by so quickly, our beautiful babies growing and changing. Graeme beginning first grade and putting up with his mama being his teacher. What a privilege. What an immense privilege. We've come a long way since those first weeks of handwriting class where both of us ended up in a puddle of tears on the floor. And to think of him starting cello lessons in just a week!

Our Jobie, constantly wooing us with his phrases and hilarity. Just today he said to me, "Aye aye captain girl!" And our current favorite –– "I love you so, so, so-so-so, so-so-so much." Never change, Job Hudson.

Our Wren Margaret, our Lulu, growing into such a charming little girl full of spunk and kisses and hugs. If anyone can keep up with her brothers it's her. Although, I do believe she's going to need to start walking at some point. Though, when it comes to climbing and pushing a shopping cart around, she takes the cake. 

 2 0 1 5, you heard my husband pray nearly every night with our boys that God would open their eyes to the gospel. You walked us through big hurts and bigger joys. You saw a year begin with Jesus securing us as a father cradles his children and you see –– and we see –– He is still there.

Goodbye  2 0 1 5, you were a good one!
A Romans 8:28 one and we are thankful for you.


  1. Anonymous6:00 AM

    It is wonderful to close the envelope on one year and with beautiful anticipation look forward to all that will unfold in the year to one. I love your beautiful tribute to 2025 and how you graciously accept the imperfect alongside the heartfelt.

    -Erin Neiner

    1. Anonymous6:02 AM

      Oops...that's "the year to COME" and should be 2015! ; )


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