A Tale of Two Wooden Watches and a Giveaway with Jord .

My husband is a very smart guy. And, coupled with those smarts, is the ability to give in very thoughtful ways. Let me demonstrate these qualities of his through a story –– During the early years of our marriage we were especially good at gifting each other a traditional anniversary gift. Typically the gifts were small yet meaningful, nothing fancy really, but full of thoughtfulness and love. Out of all the gifts, over the years, that of anniversary number five stands out most in my mind, partly because of what the gift was and mostly because of the thoughtfulness and plan behind it. It was a gift that was indeed meaningful, very fancy, and full of thoughtfulness and love.

I've always been rather successful in ruining my husband's surprises. I don't mean to. I accidentally find emails, receipts, and hidden boxes. Anniversary number five was no different. But, on this occasion, my husband was thoroughly prepared. Searching through our closet one day, I found a simple brown box. And all over it were the words –– SARAH, DO NOT OPEN. DO NOT OPEN. He had surely outsmarted me on this one. It appeared that he had boxed the gift twice so that there was zero chance of me catching a glimpse of the purchase address and logo. I was more than intrigued.

A few, agonizingly-long weeks later, I opened the boxes. And inside was a gift that I had hinted at months prior, a gift that I wanted but didn't think we had the money for, a gift that has remained one of my favorite earthly possessions ever since. It was a beautiful wooden watch. To this day there are two things that are constantly commented on when we are out –– Graeme's curly hair and my wooden watch! (And Wren Margaret's kissable cheeks –– how could I forget!)

A couple of months ago, I was given the opportunity to gift my husband a wooden watch of his own. It was a difficult decision because I liked this onethis one, and this one. But, in the end, I thought my husband would enjoy the Dark Sandalwood watch the most. We aren't, typically, the couple that wears matching items. But we decided to make an exception. Can you blame us for this?

Here's the best news –– Jord is gifting a $129 credit to one of you! Entries for this giveaway will close on Tuesday, January 26th, at noon and a winner will be announced shortly thereafter. ENTER HERE via the Rafflecopter provided by Jord. You won't regret entering this giveaway!


  1. They're gorgeous! Do you know if they picked a winner yet???

  2. Lacie, I'm so sorry for the late response! I received an email this morning from Dan at Jord and Beth Emig Busch won! I know her! I always think it's fun when someone I know wins! (Well, I claim I know her because Stephen went to college with her and we've "met" via blog/Instagram/etc.)


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