On beginning a Say Yes journal .

I don't know where or when I read it, but it stuck with me –– I read something about your current relationship with your child being a snapshot of what it will be down the road. Granted, there isn't much wiggle room or grace in that. And, it seems pretty straightforward. Still, the reality of those words hang heavy with me.

Who doesn't want a deeper connection with and relationship to their child? Nobody, hopefully. Throughout the last couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about how quickly I say no to my children. No to this, no to that. No to things of little consequence, no to huge endeavors. Most of the time it's a no because I am simply tired but many times it's out of selfishness. I don't feel like saying yes. I'd rather do something else. I'd rather do nothing else.

The other day I had a thought –– what if I started a Yes Journal? Just a simple jot in my planner each day of something I chose to say yes to, whether it was hot chocolate, a trip to the park, another game of hide-n-seek, a treasured hour in the creek with their buckets and shovels and up to their necks in mud. I've already missed two days but the idea has lit a fire in me to say yes more. Because, I've noticed something –– when I say yes it sparks something in them. It sparks something in me, too. I'd like to think these simple acts, even though somewhat contrived here in the beginning, will give way to something much more. I'd like to think that these simple answers to simple requests will give way to stronger, kinder relationships with my children.

(an afternoon in our creek, from the other day, day two of my yes journal, right before I skipped two days –– )


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!