Home again, home again .

Last month, my husband took a trip out of the country for ten days. We missed him and tried to keep our minds busy while he was away. Near the end of those days I decided, very last-minutely, to take my little ones to the coast for a day trip. It was very chilly, but we were given beautiful sunshine and the boys happily parked themselves up in the dunes for most of the time, away from the cold wind and water, and played with their shovels and buckets. We marveled at the sea foam which was in abundance that day, Wren Margaret laughed at the sea gulls and begged her brothers for their toys, and, in the end, we were all contented with promised treats that we picked up for the short journey home. And, in the very end, we were extremely happy to see our husband and daddy walking out of those airport doors.

p.s. My husband shared this story with me and I laughed so hard that I thought sharing it here might bring some cheer to one of you–– Apparently, 7-Elevens are quite popular in Taiwan. My husband had stepped into one to grab a snack and noticed a mother with her three children staring at him. She was urging her children to go and talk with Stephen. He could hear her prodding them to say, "How are you? How are you?" Finally, all of them came over and she said with a little bit of hesitance, "Welcome to........China! No, no, welcome to.........Japan!" Stephen smiled and said, "Welcome to Taiwan!" And they all laughed. It turns out they had just arrived from another country and were a little bit confused about their current surroundings. (smile) It's so good to have my guy back. There's nobody else that can cheer us up and make us smile like he can.


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!