Wishing and Waiting.

Home isn't built in a day. I need that reminder. My littlest ones are napping and my husband whisked Graeme off to church with him this morning. The house is quiet, aside from the kitchen fan whirring away the smell of a (yet another, forgotten about) boiled-over chai and the rain falling on the sun-room roof overhead. 

We went away this past week to Seaside. The moderator at the conference, a friend of ours, jokingly made remarks about the more-fact-than-fiction idea that our children would be heading home sick at the end of the week. We all laughed and nodded our heads in agreement –– it's just the sad yet somehow-always-true outcome of many, many children coming together for playtime in the middle of the winter. And so, I write that to tell you that this morning, as I sit down to record some thoughts, my little Job Hudson is fast asleep on the sofa behind me, his body resting from whatever it is that it is diligently fighting.

I'm sitting here today, writing out these dreams and thoughts, because my heart needs this time. It needs the reminder that it is a fine thing to dream, and it is a wonderful thing to plan, and, sometimes, it is wise and needful to wait on those dreams and plans. My husband and I, like so many of you I am sure, have dedicated our home to a no-debt policy. Every purchase and renovation that we've made has been with cash. This isn't a policy that we like, yet we have deeply appreciated it over time. 

We are incredibly grateful for our home. We have found immense joy in making it ours through literal blood, sweat, and tears. For those of you who have waded through the grueling seminary years or similar extended years of schooling, who have found yourselves renting more than buying–– if you, like us, have finally found yourselves in a place of dreaming and setting down roots, you'll understand the beauty that all of it brings. And the beauty comes from those years of wishing and waiting. That's where we find ourselves once again! And, we knew we'd be here. There are only so many dollars to cover a home that needs so much attention. But we are here to stay until God moves us. And staying takes planning. I want to make this home OUR home. I want us to LOVE living here. So, bear with me as I do a little bit of wishing here today, a little bit of planning for the future. Dreaming is good for all of us.

From top left –– Ultimately, we plan to tackle a couple of large and necessary items that I won't even go into detail here. Items, for example, such as saving for a new heat pump (since ours is living on borrowed time) /// Next, we'd love to replace the counter top in our kitchen with something that will last. We plan to tile our kitchen walls in lieu of a matching marble back splash and finish off the kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint (I've fallen in love with Farrow+Ball's color, Pigeon) and some simple brass knobs and pulls. /// I'm not even sure where to begin with our bathrooms. When we first moved in I hoped for complete overhauls but after thinking things through I believe we'll make small changes like taking down wallpaper and painting, possibly painting the existing tiled floor in lieu of replacing it, and, somewhere down the fourteen-year-plan, (smile) possibly replacing the tub and tiling. I love the idea of making a simple wooden support for the sink and for holding towels. (We recently replaced the toilet and installed flooring in our tiny master bathroom. It feels so wonderful to have actual flooring! Also, we've toyed with the idea of reglazing both the master shower and the tub in the other bathroom instead of replacing the tub.) /// I've been dreaming of a farmhouse table for years. We currently use a picnic table in our dining room but too many people have nearly fallen trying to get in and out of it. Also, we'd love the opportunity to fit a few more people at our table. My husband is very excited about building me a table like the one pictured above but we also need to consider the expense of chairs! /// This list could go on and on with details such as –– house numbers, outside lights, landscaping, replacing windows, finally buying a bed frame!, uncovering and refinishing the fireplace, creating an outdoor eating space with one of our covered decks, etcetera etcetera. The list literally is endless with possibilities. 

The bottom line is this –– we are incredibly grateful for our home. It is something that we talk about nearly every day. It is an absolute gift from God and we have thoroughly enjoyed this process of making it ours. And, from the looks of my list, we will be doing so for quite some time!


  1. Love your style, as always! Someone asked me last fall if we're done with our house now and I laughed. We'll probably never be done, I told her. Everyone looked puzzled. But isn't that just the reality? We make changes step by step, as we can afford them, celebrating restoration in a world and house that are still broken. I love the way you make your house a home and ps it reminds me of this book I'm reading, the life-giving home, by dally clarkson. So inspiring to think about how the ways we care for our homes can bring glory to God, how affirming beauty can point to faith in the beautiful one!

  2. yes yes. never done. my friends laugh at me, but I love finding the perfect things slowly that make our home a perfect farmhouse. and yes to cash only. but the fun part is finding things.


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